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Burma Magazine List

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Burma Perspectives Magazine - Memories

On an early August 1995, a small group of senior scientists, academics, practicians, admins, economists, lawyers and educators, all intellectually, silently and calmly gathered to present Myanmar to the rest of the globe through the writing press from a kaleidoscopic map of corners and sectans. As well as providing the reader with genuine first-hand account of Myanmar's wealth of historical and historical legacy, the article, authored by local scientists, was intended to communicate the truest Myanmar mind in its highest level of literature, as well as the original Buddha doctrines of Lord Gautama Buddha, the country's gentle morality and multi-ethnic people.

They have all provided contributions of high qualitiy as hobbies and exchanged precious experience at home and abroad, so that the reader can savour the most different facets of reading, a true Sesselreisbericht. Myanmar's perspectives should make Myanmar known all over the globe. It has been introduced in two ways: a regular publication on the subscription website of many randomly written authors.

Burma superlatives etc. A number of interesting items have been added to underline their interest. Publication of the first month' s WEB was around September 1995. Myanmar Perspectives Magazine, a small 42-page magazine, was launched in October 1995. There were 20 items on it. In order to provide publishing houses with the widest possible cover, the issues were also circulated abroad through various Myanmar accrediated foreign consulates, on a regular basis every threeMonth.

Commentaries on the website were followed every months, resulting in an increase in the number of attendees speaking on a broad range of topics concerning Myanmar and the rest of the globe. Numerous local authors of nationally and internationally renowned, with demonstrated expertise and know-how, in their own vocation and their own atmosphere, have volunteered to make their journal an inestimable source for occasional readings and as a point of reference for studies and research.

There were many people who were just as illuminated and made this magazine a winner in one way or another. Another appealing feature was the magazine size, printed in coated and woodfree letterheads. There were also old empires of cultural values such as Beikthano, Hanlin and Srekittra. They provided insightful insights and basic information on current information for both the web and journals, including article, poetry and essay updates.

As a result, the web and the magazine had become firmly entrenched in the literature markets as a high-quality publishing medium. Acknowledgment must be given to one and all those who have done so much with good will and commitment, so that the Myanmar community sees Myanmar as an attractive place to come, a good topic for studies and research, and a good place for doing so.

Until 2004, Myanmar Perspectives had announced that over 100 online editions per month had already been released in 35 quaterly journals. This collection was an invaluable source of essays and poetry that touched almost every facet of Myanmar. The book provided a clean and informative source of information for university and college undergraduates, scientists, authors and reporters, providing them with a useful point of departure for further research and presentations.

In their own vocation, these members of the Editorial Board were writers of a number of bestselling titles, including Dr. Khin Mg Nyunt, Dr. Thaw Kaung, Daw Kyi Kyi Kyi Hla, U Win Pe (Poet Mya Zin), U Ba Than, U Hla Thein, U Sai Aung Tun, U Htin Gyi, to name but a few.

In fact, they were role models for coming generations-intelltelligent people, scientists and writers-to continue their cloak of literature in continuance and eternity. During his life's work, the writer thought about the literature Odyssee, where journals come and go. It is reminiscent of English dailies and monthlies such as the Guardian and Guardian, the longest paid circulation in the business community.

The nation, Burman, the Working Peoples' Daily, The Open Mined (OM), the Spectrum, the Myanmar Perspectives and finally the New Light of Myanmar. Similarly, after serving the reader for nine years, the Myanmar perspective is now over, as Khayyam has said: One of the most important authors since the Guardian Day, the Working Peoples' Daily and the aging New Light of Myanmar for many years, the book welcomes this opening ceremony and blesses the new generations of readership in this time of upheaval.

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