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The Asian Development Bank (ADB), called Myanmar's Economic Outlook..... Recent DICA numbers suggest that the first three month of FY2015 was over $2..... The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group,..... Myanmar's Ministry of Commerce has said that it is currently.....

The Hip Hop Magazine will be published in September

The Street, a new hip-hop magazine, will appear in Myanmar in September, the Myanmar Times editor and renowned hip-hop celebrity Ah Boy said. Few periodicals in Myanmar and The Street will be the first to concentrate on a particular musical style.

Magazins and periodicals usually release one or two pages about hiphop and report only on the rapper gigs and interview. You hardly say anything about the music," said Ah Boy, who is rapping with the four-piece group Rock Star. It is inspired by other favourite hip-hop publications such as The Source, Vibe, Weekly Hipp and more.

The contents are provided by regional rapers, DJ' s and Musicproducers. Oh Boy is hoping that the magazine will be able to fix some of the bad things folks have about this. It' entitled The Street to keep up with the city character of hip-hop as well. "At first we just used to call it hiphop, but later we went to The Street.

We' ve also tried to put some parts about subterranean hiphop in a section of the magazine and will report on hiphop like R&B, Reggae and Pop," says Ah Boy. Whether the magazine becomes a bestseller or not, Ah Boy said he would release it for another two years.

"For young hip-hop fans it is not simple to order and enjoy the international hip-hop journals on a regular basis. Aung Seng, editor-in-chief of the magazine, thinks that the magazine will arouse the interest of youngsters. J-me, the hip-hop celebrity, greets the new magazine.

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