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I am Kyay Mon and so we say hello in my country, Myanmar. The strategic location of Myanmar has made it important for investors who regard it as the production unit with the highest yield potential. The Pomelo is a fair trade marketplace that supports social enterprises throughout Myanmar. Have a look at the Myanmar Cultural Odyssey tailor-made holiday in Myanmar (Burma) | Wild Frontiers. Made-to-measure, exclusive private tours put together for you by someone who knows Myanmar / Burma like the back of his hand.

Manufacturer & Export Products from Myanmar (Burma)

Burma is a supreme state in Southeast Asia, with a wealth of riches in Java and precious stones, oils, gases and other mines. This is the78th-largest export industry in the word and Myanmar was exporting $11.5 billion of goods around the planet in 2016. Myanmar's annual growth rates of 12.8% between 2010 and 2016 have been dynamic over the last five years.

Myanmar's gross domestic product in April 2017 was USD 334.9 billion, according to World Economic Outlook Database data from the International Monetary Fund. For more information about Myanmar product, please visit this website and get in touch with Myanmar manufacturers and suppliers. Here you will find over 100 leading manufacturers and enterprises of Myanmar.

Manufactured in Myanmar - La Juventud Opina

I am Kyay Mon and so we say hello in my own land, Myanmar. I am currently a student of International Relations in Japan. Investment made out of friendship and friendliness brings benefits in the form of good friendship and useful meetings. All myife I have tried to be a wealthy man according to this philosphy, and after almost 22 years I have the feeling that I have made a small fortune or two.

Fortunately for me, it made it easy to write tales. Most of my spare me spare my life lending and studying at the British Council Library in Yangon, Myanmar. I have now realized that storytelling is not only to be found in the pages of a work. While I am breathing, thinking, feeling and acting, I am making my own history.

I was wondering, when I chose to begin the new section "Study in Japan" of my storyline, if there was room for this good storyline element: the evolution of characters. It was a clear YES and so I resolved to come to Japan. Two, a long while ago I used to love storytelling.

What I like about Japan is its scenic beauty, cutting-edge technologies, comfortable transportation and interesting people. Myanmar is not it. Coaches always get to Japan on schedule, but they don't take me to where I'm at home. There' s enormous high-rises and commercial centres, but they don't make me uncomfortable and peacefully feeling like the gold coupons at home.

I' ve learnt to use Japanese, but I still need those Myanmar words that roll off my lips for the smooth flavour of contentment and trust. but my love will always be in my native Myanmar. This is what we say in the Kumon English Immersion Camp (EIC).

During my second year at college, I voluntarily signed up as a warehouse manager for Kumon EIC. It is a campsite for children from Japan, where they can speak English with Campleiters from all over the globe. It' more than just an English language school. It is a place where they learnt about various things from culturally diverse to globally diverse topics through various different actions and gained self-confidence by trying out new ones.

I' ve metamorphosed into this one. This made me think of the children I got to know at home who could not get this kind of training because of the poor or missing possibilities. Being a story-loving person, I like to collect and exchange tales. Being a VOY trainee, I will do my best to divide my story and hopefully you will want to listen to me until the end.

Call me Kyay, please, and it's great to finally make your acquaintance.

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