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100-year jubilee for Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay

As there have been critiques of contemporary literary analysis, so too have critiques of literary analysis produced by all three kinds of educators - through seeing, teaching and listening - and by high-ranking renowned writers (both men and women) of subsequent generation in the past, a good literary evolutionary heritage, said Dr. Pe Myint, Union Minister for the Ministry of Information.

"It is a good custom because I learned that renowned writers would talk extensively about the journal Kyaw Ma Ma Ma Lay literature," said the Union Minister on the occasion of the centenary of the journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay, which took place at Yangon University of Nursing Yangon today. The CDU/CSU minister, Dr. Pe Myint, said he had been reading about the novel, Kyaw Ma Ma Lay's life and work in the realm of journalism, that she was a great novelist, that she was an important writer in Myanmar at the moment, and that she was also involved in literatures.

Today it is the season in which we can savour the fruit of our free will in literature. Concerning the artists, he wanted to recommend to them that in this period of liberty they be free to choose what they want," said the minister, who promised that he would contribute as much as possible to the literature of Myanmar.

The ceremonies were attended by Maung Khin Min( Danuphyu), Htet Myat, Ma Kyu Kyu Kyu Thin and Maung Moe Thu. Thein Soe ( "Theinsoe-Thiha Yatana Verlag") expressed thanks on the name of the great writer Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay's team.

Afterwards, the Union Minister saw the exhibited images of writers, magazines, recordings of Myanmar's ancient medicines, the Kyaw Ma Ma Lay Journal profile and photographs of her in documentaries. Kyaw Ma Ma Lay Journal was founded on 13 April 1917 in the town of Kamakalu in the municipality of Bogalay in the Ayeyawady region and died on 6 April 1982 at the tender ageĀ 65.

It will be open from 1 to 3 April from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the renowned writers will be discussing Myanmar's literary works for three outings. Everyone is welcome to hear the discussion about Myanmar's literary works and see the great author's work.

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