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Luxury Myanmar Travel

If you imagine luxury travel, the first country that comes to mind is usually not Burma. Delight in Myanmar, hotels, art, gemstones, jewellery, textiles, etc. Learn more about luxury travel, luxury hotels and bungalows. Are you planning a luxury trip to Myanmar? On this seven-day tour you will discover the treasures of Myanmar.

Myanmar Luxury Tours, Private & Tailor Made

Myanmar - formerly Burma - has once again become a tourist resort like no other after years of differentiation from the world. Myanmar, reminiscent of the Orient, will enchant you with its pristine natural beauties and spirituality: explore the majestic landscape of Bagan, an area of thousand of antique shrines; explore the caverns of the countryside of Pindaya to see the meditation of thousand of gold-plated Buddha figures; see the famed bone-raising techniques of Inle Lake fishers; and then relax along the lovely bay of Bengal, where long, quiet sections of whitensand sand are found.

Call one of our experienced Myanmar Travellers to help you make the most of your life. Our experienced and experienced design staff will be happy to assist you with whatever you expect from your Asia holiday. Do you like working with Jacada? We had Rachel Beck help us with our last voyage to Singapore, Bangkok and Myanmar.

Accommodation was first-rate, and the leaders Jacada provided in each town were very well educated and well-trained. We' d like to tell a friend about Jacada! From the itineraries to the selection of accommodation to the location guide, everything was really great and helped to make my 3 week in Myanmar and Laos a great time.

Mostly I like to go alone and I don't use any agency, but I think Jacada is definitely it! Really memorable journey to Myanmar! Really memorable journey to Myanmar! Last October I went on a Jacada planed journey to Myanmar. It was such an unbelievable and memorable journey! Jacada really went beyond what was anticipated from the pre-planning to the journey itself to make this journey an astonishing experience.

Myanmar's travel guide was unsurpassed; the hotel was amazingly nice, convenient and spotless; the route was just great with all our last-minute enquiries; and the places were so special and unforgettable. There were 5 of us between 77 and 45 years old and all of us are experienced travellers.

All of us were in agreement that this was the best and most remarkable one. Burma is such a nice place and we felt very secure all the while. Jacada's crew cannot be thanked enough, especially Rachel and Gilda, who worked very really hard on all the little things to make this truly amazing itinerary.

We' ve used several other tour companies and we all agree that Jacada is unsurpassed! So this was my second journey with the firm and I have already made my third booking. Again, thank you very much for your support and support! Mark and I had an amazing journey to Myanmar.

Every detail has been worked out to perfection by Jacana Travel. Many thanks to Kate Edwards to Jacada for designing such a great journey and making such astonishing reminiscences! It was all designed for us in detail, tailor-made to our needs and interests, so that we didn't have to be worried or think much else than just relaxing and seeing each other during our travels.

There was a smooth transfer from one town to another, the locals handed us over to the next tourist escort and ensured a smooth check-in at every single Aiport. I' m not going to ruin all the beautiful things we got during our trips with Jacada, but only know that travelling with them has surpassed our expections.

That was my second Jacada adventure. In 2013, after a beautiful vacation in Argentina, I arrived in Jacada to schedule a vacation in Southeast Asia. While I hadn't thought of Myanmar as a tourist location, after a few talks with Kate and input from her own vacation there last springs, I was confident I would be able to make a trip there.

Burma is an astonishing place in a single term. Myanmar's landscape, attractions, eating and especially its population make it a unique place that most of the rest of the planet has never seen before. Almost three months from my first day in Mandalay until my return from Yangon, every detail was designed and carried out by Kate and Jacada.

A few of the most remarkable things about my Myanmar vacation: 1: This is an astonishing and extraordinary chance to see the real Myanmar. Mandalay Temples: You have seen some of the most unbelievable Buddhist places in all of Myanmar in and around the world.

Another unbelievable sundown from the top of the Shwesandaw pit. 4: Scenic hike from the Kalaw hills down to the wonderful Inle Lake. lnle lake: Gorgeous Villa Inle Lake Resort, gorgeous sundowns, magic fishermen towns and the stunning Shwe Indein Piagodas resort make a visit to Inle Lake unbelievable.

There is no journey to Myanmar without a tour of Shwedagon Pagoda - the most important and renowned Buddhist site in all of Myanmar. The leaders were competent and friendly. It is my second journey that Jacada is planning. They were both fantastic - great experiences with great accommodation, great guide services and a mix of off the beats.

Kate was always available and she was a lot of information. It was able to arrange our journey in such a way that it fits us ideally. If you are looking for a smooth journey that unites adventures, luxuries and love of detail, I would not hesistate to suggest Jacada.

A great firm would strongly advise Kate Edwards to return with Jacada. If we changed the journey, we would miss certain areas and remain longer in other areas. Burma is a beautiful land and there is much to see and do. Favourite places were the Inle-See, Bagan and of course the lakes area.

Every time we got to a new place, there was a message from Kate that was very cute. I had a great journey in Myanmar. I' ve travelled to faraway places and I've used a few operators. This journey to Myanmar was different because I wanted to go alone and at my own speed.

and I found her on the Internet. When I was an Asian traveller in America, I felt I needed a little more individual care and a few specific packages, so I was willing to pay a few additional bucks for convenience and reassuring. I had an outstanding operative with Jacada:

I was promptly received at every flight to and from the airports by a qualified representative and chauffeur; and the suggested day was exciting and soothing. I' ve had wonderfully clever and instructive leaders to work with. Mr. Jacada designed and implemented our holidays in Myanmar and Thailand with excellence and sophistication.

and Alec, our janitor. Burma is a tough land, and their maps, travel books, schedules and hotel itineraries were all perfected. We' re dying to use Jacada again! Burma has a temperate rainforest and is hot all year round. Dryer winters are best for journeys with colder nights.

As a traveller, you never cease to spend your whole lifetime exploring this wonderful city. One of my most unforgettable travels is to kayak in Antarctica, horseback ride in El Calafate in Argentina, gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda, climb Africa's highest peak Kilimanjaro and experience it first hand with ice bear in Canada.

It is my passion to explore new ways of keeping travelling cool and thrilling.

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