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Luxury Myanmar Travel

Myanmar luxury tours are accompanied by experienced local guides and drivers. To create your unique trip, contact a Myanmar travel specialist. Explore the magic of Myanmar on this luxury tour with Yangon, Bagan, Inle and Mandalay, specially designed for the discerning traveller. Journey in style with one of our luxurious travel packages. Each of these offers is designed to give you the best travel experience ever.

Burma Luxury Travel & Tours

One of the highlights of this journey through the ages is the luxurious Irish Waddy onboard the Old Wheel of the RV Paukan. The Irrawaddy has a pronounced sense of originality and discover. Myanmar's high degree of individual attention and support on the boat is as good as possible; luxurious trips in its most exclusive form.

You' ll be on the riverbank for half a full night in your luxurious cabin and the next morning arrive in the antique Bagan temples as if you'd awakened a thousand years ago. On Lake Inlay you will live at Inle Princess Resort, which has been created by Intha-Shan. It is perfectly located with large, tranquil waterfront chalets, an excellent dining area and pub, a unique Burma spas and a 2,500-bottle wall-covered caves.

You' ve never experienced such a luxurious journey. More information about the destinations can be found at Myanmar destinations. More known for the gold glory of the Shwedagon Pagoda than for the town itself. His people could not be willing to grin and welcome you with this incomparable Myanmar charme. There is no big town in the whole wide globe that makes a traveller uncomfortable.

Inlays Lake is often prefixed with the term "magic", and for good reasons. It' not just a travelling fad. Twenty years after your stay, think of Inlay, and it's still there, all hot and sizzling. Among other things, you can see and do a long tailed skiff to the remains of the mystical Nyaung Oak; the always kind and photoogenic Intha fisher who rows his skisffs with one foot around a sole rudder; the long-necked Padaung men; colourful swimming fairs, yards and parrots; lotuses and other nice ethnical fabrics; and clearly Myanmar country house industry, such as sunshade making and handmade paintings, and huge saucers!

There are also some beautiful Boutiquehotels with fabulous spa facilities on the shores of the lakes. It' full of sights - the world's longest tea wood monastery in Amarapura; the antique cliffs of Mingun and its associated monks in rose gowns that smoke huge hand-rolled roses; the 600 convents and convent buildings of sagaing; magnificent vistas of the town and the Irrawaddy river from an upper Mandalay Hill; astonishing craftspeople and craftspeople and of course the mythical Myanmar drama crew, The Mustache Brothers!

One of the great archaeological marvels of the game. Kublai Khan's Mongolians plundered the town in 1287, demolishing 9,000 different religions. For a thousand years the centre of Theravada Buddhism, Bagan has been a must for everyone who travel. At Myanmar International you will be welcomed by the finest greetings, The Ladies Luminous.

They' ll help you with your baggage and money change before accompanying you to the gorgeous 5-star Kandawgyi Palace on Royal Lake. You will be met by your classical sedan in front of the motel. We then return to the Aiport for an early evening take a scenic plane to Shan Plateau and Lake Inle.

We' ve fallen in with Inle Princess, Intha' s design, and we're sure you will. It is a Burma style luxurious retail resort in its most exclusive form. Inle Princess has its own restaurant with its own restaurant. Indein's 5-day fair is the biggest and most colourful on the shores of the city.

You are crossing the pond in a longtail and crossing a small canal through beautiful scenery of living on the waterside. There is a walk up to the old convent on the top of the mountain, which provides a breathtaking view of the huge Smaragdsee. Earlier this day you will be taken to the Princess Spa, where you will be treated with a range of Myanmar massages and a selection of the world' s most exclusive facial and physical therapies.

We then return to the small Heho airfield for the brief trip to Mandalay, on the Irrawaddy Riviera. Following check-in and a break, we take you to Amarapura and the world's longest wooden deck - the U Bein. You can then take a rowing boat down the riverbank to see the sunset under the skyline of the viaduct.

From Mandalay Hill, early morning can be an etheric show of lights for you as you look over the temple and cedis into the town and the powerful Irrawaddy. After breakfast there will be a full days of sightseeing and culture, with an evening meal and a typical Myanmar tidbit - The Mustache Brothers Show.

Now the brothers are free to make their satires as they wish, but the custom of taking visitors through the town to" secret" places has become part of the show! It is the ideal moment for a luxury night's rest, with sparkling wine breakfasts in the mornings. Around midday you board the classical RV Pakaun to start your nightly boattrip.

Luxurious cabin and flawless services by the enchanting staff are only part of the pleasure of this classical antique cuisine. Shore trips on the first morning included the Sanctuary of Mingun and the sacred hill of Sagaing, interlaced with over 600 convent and monastery over the rivers.

Onboard the Pakaun, the meals and beverages are of the highest quality. Arrival at the landing stage in Bagan around 11 am, where your guide will take you to the Aureum Bagan Hotel, which is located in a group of ancients. They are also Britons and are among the best in the game.

Soloons Over Bagan owners Brett Melzer and his Myanmar woman Omar run a very business. The new 21 hectare river front of your luxurious resort has started building and with a little bureaucracy it could open in autumn 2015. You' re gonna be waking up at Trader's Hôtel, in the middle of town.

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