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Myanmar is a magical, deeply spiritual country with a complex history. Luxury Myanmar tours give you an unorthodox taste: stylish but not stuffy, refined but still closely connected with locals and traditions. The summer tour through Myanmar (Burma) is ideal for people who travel in the rainy season. Journey comfortably in Myanmar, marvel at the impressive sights and enjoy the best that this country has to offer. You can book your ultimate luxury trip to Myanmar with us.

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Myanmar is a personal Myanmar trip that concentrates on Burma's rich heritage in the country's most visited tourist attractions. You can visit craft cities, galleries, craftsmen' shops, craft shops, regional fairs, buddhistic shrines, convents and much more. Visit with your own personal guides and drivers such as Shwedagon Pagoda, a 300-foot high Buddha School of Buddhism lined with jewellery and golden, and Bogyoke (Scott) Market, which offers a wide range of Burma's finest arts and craft.

You can also go to the best fine arts and antique stores in the capital and see some of the best gallery owners. Celebrate a private cruise along the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) Delta waterway to Twante, a famous potterage. Take a horse-drawn carriage to the potteries and market places and see the city's symbol, the Shwesandaw Pagoda.

On the way back to Yangon you can take a look at the village's farmhouses and the countryside on the water. Then you will travel to Bagan, where you will find tens of thousand of pagodas as well as sanctuaries stretching from the shores of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) riverbank over kilometres of dry plain. Visit the buildings constructed between the eleventh and thirteenth century, when Bagan was an important centre of Buddhism in Southeast Asia, and find out more about the story that was engraved in its fa├žades, frescoed and sculptured in its sculptures.

Journey by personal motorboat on the Ayeryarwady River, overlooking the mountain peaks and everyday living. Visiting local craft shops specialising in local crafts such as varnish and woodcarving, and visiting a local early bird markets where local people shop for their everyday needs. Then one night, riding in a horse-drawn coach between the Bagan Temple at sundown.

If you wish, we can also organize an unforgettable ballooning trip over the temple of Bagan at sundown. Someday you will take a personal trip to Mount Popa, an extinguished vulcano known as the home of Burma's most mighty nat (animistic ghosts). Explore the colourful Nat sanctuaries and find out more about this tribal faith and its icons.

You can also stop at a typical early bird markets and the old timber abbey and the city ofalay. Drive to the legendary Mandalay, the culture and religion of Myanmar and the centre of many of Burma's handicraft tradition. Visiting some of the city' s craftsmen will show you how to make handcrafted silks, woodcarvings, and other handicrafts.

Stroll through the intriguing Mandalay main square to find out more about the locals' produce and foods and stop for breakfasts with the renowned Mandalay pasta at a near-by cafe. Someday you take a personal trip to see some of the hundred marshes and busy convents and you can also go to a potters town.

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