Myanmar Luxury Cruise

Luxury Myanmar Cruise

Cruise to Myanmar on board The Strand Cruise on the Irrawaddy River and Chindwin River. Explore the highlights of Myanmar in style. MYANMAR river cruise packages are amazing to explore this beautiful land of rivers. Experience the best of Myanmar from the luxury of our riverboats. Antique sights, traditional life and rich nature await you when you cruise the great rivers of Myanmar.

Burma River Cruises - Luxury Cruise in Burma 2018 & 2019

The beautiful Burma, also known as Myanmar, is emerging from an eventful past into a new period of hopes and optimisms. At the same time, the land is trying to show the rest of the planet its charming splendour by opening the doors to international commerce and agribusiness. Myanmar has thus become one of the best travel locations in Southeast Asia.

When you cruise Myanmar on a riverbank, you can be sure you will be blinded by gleaming towns with gold-plated churches, invigorated by lush vegetation and humiliated by the friendly villagers' smile. Burma is also the country of the legendary Irrawaddy and the calm Chindwin, where visitors can marvel at the fascinating attractions of this marvel.

Now is the right moment to discover this neglected and rural land, where you will find leaders to many holy holiness pilgrimages, tranquil places, scenic countryside, old cities, small hamlets and singular cloisters.

The East blends with the West

Myanmar's gripping story unfurls on this trip in the form of meticulously prepared trips and presentations. Cool, cosy and light-flooded, our huts are the ideal retreat after a single sunny days in Myanmar. You will awaken to broad riverbank vistas and expand in a stylish way. Everywhere you go, you will find a little touch of luxury.

Striking town weaving mills and woodcarvings decorate the wall. In 1996 we launched the Myanmar cruise for ever pioneering luxury travel. To take your free moment to unwind and re-connect is at the core of this Myanmar game.

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Every single working days we would like to inform you about all our daily promotions and the latest Myanmar cruises. Hopefully you will find the best cruise liner in Myanmar and the right itineraries. Combination of Best Myanmar Tour + Myanmar Cruise with unforgettable adventures. Saving up to 30% + best offer.

What's the point of a Myanmar cruise? A unique Myanmar riverside adventure. Burma has an unbelievable variety of attractions and adventures to offer. The cruise package with various cruises to the main tourist attractions allows you to explore this mystical world. Every cruise line has its own unique lifestyle, which can be a mix of tradition, modernity, indigenous cultures, luxury or luxury.

Each cruise is well equipped with equipment to help you dive into a new world. Crossing the Myanmar River gives you the opportunity not only to take part in a variety of outside pursuits, but also to spend such a great and relaxing stay on the boat. Myanmar's professionals and guests will give presentations regularly on a variety of interesting subjects about Myanmar's past and people.

This luxurious and luxurious cruise ship line takes you on a journey of stunning natural beauties and exploration along the Myanmar (Burma) River. Myanmar, also known as Burma, has much to provide to travelers of all interests. Myanmar is known as the Gold Country with its thousand buddhistic shrines.

It is opening up to international tourists, so travellers who want to see a more authentic Burma want to come and see it now. Here you will find the most important sights and activities during the holidays in Myanmar. Let's come to Myanmar and explore the great sights and places of interest in Myanmar and the beautiful and unique nature of the country:

Cruise holidays provide many advantages for the traveller with a wide range of experiences in one pack. Cruise ships provide great value for the holidaymaker. This cruise was really great, and all your arrangement was great. Burma River cruise - Unique experiences! Myanmar (Burma) is not only known as the land of sacred Buddhist monasteries and Buddha pictures, but also a breathtaking tourist resort with astonishing historical scenery and such sincere and kind souls.

It is said that traveling on the cruise along the famed rivers in Myanmar, especially Ayeyarwaddy river is a good option to get a great glimpse into the way of living locally. Myanmar cruise allows visitors to almost discover the country's renowned sights, important temples, pagodas and monasteries and enjoy the tranquillity of the riverbank.....

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