Myanmar Lunch

Burma Lunch

We' ve been there after lunch and it is a typical lunch restaurant in Myanmar. Have a good lunch in Myanmar. - Re-View of A May Let Yar Restaurant, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

We' were there after lunch and it's a tipical lunch place in Myanmar. This could be a good place for a rest after visiting Yangon, as it is just around the bend from Kabar Aye and New Universityroads. It offers traditional Myanmar cuisine, with many side orders and soups free of charge.

And they even serve laurel, a favourite Myanmar desert with inlaid Myanmar tealeaves, which is also free. Lunch only and if you are a little too latecomer, the choice of meals may be smaller. It is a long-established Myanmar place, loved by local people but little known to the tourist. First of all we enjoyed the vegetable meal for lunch and it was cheap and tasty, especially the gourd side dishes (yellowish meal in the picture).

They' dined until we asked them to stop. I' ve been there for lunch, it's a new Myanmar-style lunch, a good place for a rest after a visit to Yangon or one last night before depart. It is an introductory course to the traditional Myanmar cuisine, with many side courses.

Have you been to the A May Let Yar Restaurant?

Midday - Review of Feel Myanmar Food, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

It is a good place to have lunch, the personnel is busy and the services are good. It' a genuine Myanmar meal without many foreigners' tastes. It is a good place to have lots of cool beers and to have pleasantly savoury and savoury curry from Burma.

More than 7 years ago, the meal was awesome with a wide range of delicious and careful meals. Now it'?s like a grocery store with stands. Grocery product qualitiy has fallen, the price is rising, rising and rising. It was the first dinner in Myanma with my business people.

I must say, it was near Thai cuisine, but heavily in oils. I think it is a proper and very restrictive decision. Comfortable personnel and tidy meals. "Feeling," I suggested for lunch. Dinner is of good qualitiy. Have you ever been to Myanmar?

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