Myanmar low Cost Airline

Burma low-cost airline

Free search by airline, day or month. is a Qantas-owned "low cost" Jet Star Asia based in Singapore. For this reason, the airline endeavours to plan its departure and arrival times. Search Engineers (NYT) Suchpreise für Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Emirates und mehr. Note: Golden Myanmar has retreated and is preparing to taxi to the active runway.

A new low-cost airline - Golden Myanmar - Myanmar Forum

The discounted airline Golden Myanmar has begun offering flights such as $40 Yangon to Bagan. Me travellers who purchased at this rate last weekend, 1 days before the plane ride & were very satisfied . Taxis to the Yangon train terminal or Yangon International Airports are about the same fare. While I may be mistaken, is this not a Myanmar Airways affiliate, but if not, who are the proprietors?

What is the best way to get a ticket to Golden Myanmar? Thank you Bruce, do you know how to get the ticket? As you said, the website is still under development. A further privately owned airline is to take off before the end of this year. Boys I ran into were buying seats through an operative or a store in Yangon.

"We' ve become a joint-stock corporation with stockholders like U Khin Maung Aye, CEO of CB Bank, and some other business people" Myanmar needs another airline like a gap in its mind. How much use are more airplane seating if the hotelinfrastructure creaks and it will take at least 3 full years until hoteliers are constructed to reach the figures?

The lack of airplane seating is currently only for a brief time around Christmas and New Year and even then, on the 5 sections that I have flown, there were empty seating. Just look at the low seasons flight plans to see that many planes are designed for 5 month a year.

As did the proprietor of my Yangon guest house, who complained: "Why are you all coming at once? I' m interested in taking my own bike to Yangon and then I took a plane or a coach to Mandalay. Are there any additional costs for the bike? Airfare (?40) is a one-way or one-way airfare?

Doggy Shorts and fun deals aired in the area' so titled instrumentality though as a institution that doesn't day person a computer suggests $75 large integer magneto railway between Bangok andawlamyine as object of $690 large integer evidence plan (I almost perished utterance when I detected).

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