Myanmar Love Video

Burma Love Video

Celebrate the most romantic songs - Myanmar Love songs, video songs. No feedbacks for Myanmar Love Funny & Video yet. Wellcome to Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)! Found love through the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar (Burma. German Highlights | Download Report | Video.

Burma Love Songs APK Download - Free Music & Audio APP for Android

Looking for a Myanmar Love Song App for your Myanmarphone? Myanmar Love Songs, video tracks. It is a compilation of some of the most beloved Myanmar Love tracks, and also some of the latests.

The video is refreshed every single timeout. Notice: - This application needs an internal network to work. Video qualitiy is dependent on the performance of the webcast. We recommend a Wi-Fi network access. The video should be played in SD (Standard Definition) format while video is played on a 3G/LTE wireless network link to minimize its use.

Burma - We love you!

Burma - We love you! That was certainly the high point of our career when we played with our big bag boys in front of the crowded People' s Park in Yangon (Myanmar). We love every moment of this journey and could not have been luckier with the way things went.

Many thanks to all those present who have been supporting us in the last years and to all who have assisted us. Watch these pictures and some video clips of this huge evening!

Burma (Myanmar)

From 1948, the Karen and other Burmese communities were suppressed and prosecuted by several governmental authorities in what was regarded as the longest conflict in the history of the country, among them a violent army régime in place from 1962 to 2011. It was under this junta that ethnical cleansings and armed actions, which included the killing, raping and cremation of communities, led to the deaths of an estimated 500,000 deaths.

Today, even after the first elections in 2015, the army is still threatening countless guilty innocents throughout the state.


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