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View photos, profile pictures and albums of Myanmar Love Story. Myanmarlovestory's latest tweets (@myanmarlovestor). The photos were donated by Croquevielle as part of the Vietnamese Women's Day. We would like to share your story with the PJ family and future travelers. Then Daung Gyi is famous for the tragic love story of a prince and a princess.

The Myanmar Love Story

Here you will find a comprehensive presentation of a Myanmar Love Story. Name of the story is Four Puppeteers and this story was narrated by Aaron Shepherd. When Aung, the puppeteer's boy, once left the house. Aung' s dad gave his boy four marionettes to accompany him on his trip.

First marionette was the kingdom of the gods and the "virtue of the gods is wisdom", second marionette was a green-faced steed and the "virtue of the steed is strength", third was a mystical wizard, forth was a saint recluse and the recluse; virtues are good.

When Aung continued his voyage, he saw a huge cargo truck full of expensive goods. Then Aung asked the second doll how he could get rich. If Aung had power, the second marionette answered that he would be able to acquire wealth.

The doll then stomped to the floor with its feet, and the floor trembled, and the car driver leapt from their cars. Then Aung ran towards the merry-go-round and rejoiced that he would now be the proprietor of all expensive goods. In this very place, Aung saw Mala, a young lady.

MALA' s on her way to see her dad. She tried to help her, but she declined and named Aung a theft. Then Mala chose to go with Aung. Unable to determine what to do with the riches, Aung asked the third marionette, the warlock. and the Wizard told Aung to keep the riches with him.

He and Mala and the four dolls arrive in the capitol. He became a wealthy businessman and purchased a mansion for Mala and also gave Mala a valuable present, but Mala declined. Mala ran away from the castle one time. then asked the 4th marionette, the recluse, for counsel.

And the marionette said to him that Aung attached more importance to riches than love, knowledge and kindness. Aung began to devote his riches for good reason from that date. And Aung built a sacred couch and served meals to the pilgrims who visited the sac. Aung saw Mala at the casket one time.

And Aung begged Mala's dad for pardon because the goods that Aung had previously stole were Mala's dad's. Mala's dad forgiven Aung and they all chose to stay together in the castle. She became Mala's father's assistent and later got remarried to Mala. Much more love stories.....

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