Myanmar Love Story

The Myanmar Love Story

Send an email to - Sign Guestbook Guestbook. The Myanmar Love Stories App is a collection of romantic love stories for the people of Myanmar. This new romance novel from Myanmar is available for fans of historical novels and war literature. who was very much in love with this girl.

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it is Myanmar love stories by Than Htut Win

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If you think of pride and prejudice, especially when it comes to a love story, everyone immediately thinks of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Whilst I don't take anything away from the great love story, there is another love story pride and prejudice that is often forgot and ignored, and that is the story of Mr. Bingley and Jane Bennet.

It is definitely a case of love at first glance for him when Mr. Bingley and Jane first met at a Meryton prom, and that is always a romatic beginning of a love story that has a fortunate ending. He' s dancing with some other young women that night, but it's clear that Jane is way above his favorite, as he is dancing with her more than any other young one.

That night, he tells Mr. Darcy that she is the most handsome being he has ever seen, and later resists Mr. Darcy to piss him off at Miss Bennet. This may not have been a case of love at first glance for Jane, but it is clear that she really enjoys him, as she talks about him in a very affirmative way to Elizabeth the next morning and says so.

Both Bingley and Jane see a lot of each other in the coming few months and it is clear that they both fall in love and all believe that a commitment between them is coming up. Mister Bingley hardly noticed any other young woman, and we are informed that some young women at Netherfield were very angry, as Mr. Bingely did not ask them to do it.

Bingley's greatest mistake is that he is too easy to persuade by his nurses and Mr Darcy. As Bingley Netherfield left to go to London for a few nights, his nurses and Mr. Darcy, who are very worried about his affections for Jane Bennet, saw the occasion and followed him to London.

Convinced that Jane is not in love with him, they try to get him to spend the whole season in London and hide the fact that Jane herself is in London. We' re left without information about Mr. Bingley, from the moment he left Netherfield in November until the moment he met Elizabeth in Derbyshire in the middle of May.

The only thing we know is that he was in London most of the year. He would have gone to many dances and meetings in London and meet many young women and yet he can't remember Jane Bennet and we know she can't remember him no matter how much she tries.

Seeing Elizabeth in Derbyshire, Mr Bingley is happy to see that he knows exactly how long ago they met, because the last he saw her was also the last he saw Jane. He' also tries to get as much information as possible about Jane from Elizabeth without asking for her directly.

He often goes to the Bennets when he returns to Netherfield and it doesn't take long for him to tell Jane that he's always been in love with her. It' a beautiful love story, one of real love that doesn't dye-- This is contrary to the proverb "out of the eye, out of the mind".

Mister Bingley would have had many diversions in London, but what we hear later in the story is that his love for Jane was so intense that it was never far from his thoughts. Bingley and Jane Bennet's love story concerns the more famous love story of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.

Bingley presents Jane to his nurses at the Meryton prom and they soon ask her to Nethferfiled, which means that Elizabeth spends several nights in Netherfield to look after her sibling. But she also meets Mr. Darcy during this period.

When Elizabeth finds out that Mr Darcy is the one who convinced Bingley not to marry Jane, that's one of the main reason why she rejects his first one. After all, because Mr Bingley is so keen to see a lot of Jane when he gets back to Hertfordshire and then gets betrothed to her, that means that Mr Darcy and Elizabeth see a lot of each other and because Jane and Bingley are not interested in anyone, but also that Mr Darcy and Elizabeth have a lot of alone free space, which leads to Mr Darcy's second one.

While Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy's story is a great and celebrated love story, we should not ignore Jane and Mr. Bingley's - a delightful, romantical story of immortal love that also had many implications for the love story that we all know so well.

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