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Burma Love Poems has updated her profile picture. Burmese Love Poems added a new photo. Whoa absolutely stunning pictures, Myanmar is one of our bucket list Thanks for sharing guys, love these photos! Burma will make you fall in love. Lake Inle is a very beautiful and peaceful paradise in Shan State, Myanmar.

In Myanmar we love. - PIC from Madame Tussauds Bangkok, Bangkok

Tussauds Bangkok has a groundbreaking approach to waxing with dedicated interactivity that lets you move, embrace, play and even make love. More than 90 personalities from Thailand and abroad and all of Madame Tussauds Bangkok's interactivity make your stay in Bangkok truly memorable.

Have a great time at Madame Tussauds Bangkok, the sixth-story Siam Discovery Centre.

Myanmar (Burma) - The Guidebook - Guidebooks

  • Independent-minded, reliable ratings that have been typed into Rough Guides' hallmark mix of humor, sincerity and understanding to help you get the most out of your stay, with choices for every budge. The Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock), Taung Kalat (Popa Mountain), Shwe OO Min Cave, Gokteik Viaduct, Ngapali Beach, Inle Lake, Shwedagon Pagoda, Ngwe Saung, Shwezigon Pagoda, Shwesandaw Pagoda.

Myanmar Maneuver - Ruth A. Manneri

New York gemmologist Charlie Ling goes on a corporate journey to the Mogok Valley in quest of valuable gems to purchase scarce Ruby. There he not only lives the "Land of Rubies", but also finds himself stumbling across an extraordinary tortoise statue that will transform his own lives and those of his mates.

The tortoise and its darling take Charlie Ling on a trip of a life time. While weaving her adventures, the writer unites personalities from five different nationalities. Their character's life is interwoven with the tortoise and its dilator.

Surprisingly, the tortoise has a hidden caché, a rarity that will influence each one of them and transform their life. See in your mind's eye what it does and how it affects characters' life.

Browse images of an old Myanmar colour

Do you love to take photos and want to see the whole wide range of things with the thumbnail-cam? Leaving the loud, busy contemporary towns to look for the old room for the soft images? It is not loud, not tingling; soft and profound is what the locals describe the land of Myanmar. There is no need to be a freelance photo artist to "chase" the gold moment, you only need a regular digital still image and the excitement of this shot is that you are able to take breathtaking shots.

Myanmar Tours can be chosen to see attractions under the committed leadership of our guide. Or, you can decide to go alone to discover all the places you want. One way or another, don't miss bringing a video recorder to "record" the time! The Mandalay is usually the first place to be chosen by humans when they come to Myanmar.

In Mandalay there is much to discover, but most interesting is the sundown on the Ubein woodridge. Figure 1: The setting sundown, shining in the waters the colour of the classical oranges, mixing the bluish colour of the skies when it was still light, the man's blacks and the shadow of the bridges created a beautiful, old picture.

Leave Mandalay and savour the stunning landscape of Bagan, which hides from time to time at dusk a thousand wards. Figure 2: The temple hiding in the fog, which have not yet vanished, the sunshine is only up to, was like the ripples with tandems tiled colours that extend longer in the damp mornings.

Sunsets or sunrises, landscape, soil and heaven let our emotion revive the unfamiliar feeling of a tranquil world. You will find the next old painting when you reach Lake Inle and see the landscape by the fisherman's boats. Photo 3: Pictures of Inle Lake make us shake, silk reminds us when we look at it.

If you are on your own timetable or not, take the chance to see the craftsmen in their village and use basic crafts machines. You not only have a few antique elements for your picture, but you also have the possibility to see what the weave is like.

Figure 4: In additon to taking photos, you can also buy a piece of cloth that is made here as a souvenir. And, of course, when you come to Myanmar, you can't disregard the renowned monasteries. Anywhere but the sanctuary, the photograph will not give us a picture that can no longer be old.

Photo 5: Phaung Daw U Pagoda with the classical yellows, whites and luxury, a little bit secretive browns gives you the perfect "check-in" picture. FlOatMarket in everywhere is always a target attracting many people. Like the Myanmar Swimming Mar. What's weird about the markets, the ripples that sit in a small ship and go to the shops or just sit and take pictures is great.

Yangon of Myanmar, unlike the definitions of money that we often see, is not loud, impetuous, it is tranquil, soft like the life of the population. This does not mean, of course, that you will not find a magnificent, contemporary and luxury Myanmar. It' just that if you love the classic Myanmar way, there is nowhere else?

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