Myanmar Love Photo

Burma love photo

I' ve never met anyone who's travelled to Myanmar and didn't love it. David Heath fell in love six years ago. His passion was Myanmar, its paths and cultures, its fields and cities and above all its people. Teach young adults about love and relationships. And we love to take pictures of people on their travels.

Myanmar (Burma) 40 pictures, which will put it on your buckets listing

I' ve never seen anyone who's gone to Myanmar who didn't love it. I had always dreamt of traveling back in the days to Southeast Asia before many lands became touristic hot spots due to the lightness and costs of the trip. The trip to Myanmar was a foretaste of what it would have been.

How many backpack tourists we wanted to see off the well-trodden paths and Myanmar was just that. In Myanmar for a whole months, we went to see the world's oldest teak wooden footbridge, saw the sunrise over 2000 churches in the antique town of Bagan, got to know a one-of-a-kind fishery at Inle Lake, helped to support a number of Lashio's community through adventurous traveling, and encountered many kind and welcoming natives who wanted to exchange their cultures with us.

Of course we not only enjoy touring Myanmar, but it has also become (so far) our favorite Asian state. Learn more about the temple of Myanmar. Well, without further fuss, here are our top 40 pictures of Myanmar will be sure to put it on your pail roster. Now if you are going on a journey (and we are hoping you will), take a look at this Myanmar-Bucketlist.

Do you love it? They have been on a trip around the globe with their husbands Daniel for over two years and manage LVV Travel.

11/charming pictures of Myanmar girls

Visit her diary for more amazing travelling photos! Burma is a land of flashy girls that our cameras seemed to meet. Every single working-day, females perform a wide variety of jobs - from thrashing paddy on the field to the sale of seafood at the markets, from preparing food for their family, to making basketry outside their sheds.

We were privileged to deal with these bustling girls and get an impression of their everyday life with our camera.

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