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Burma Love Songs & Movies. It is a free love network to connect lovers in Myanmar. Love in the Moonlight Episode : Loveliness becomes anger and despair. Their father (also their grandfather) is a famous director and writer in Myanmar.

Get to know Japan on canvas

Japan's 2018 Filmfestival is set to take place in the city. Japan has for years had only one character in the films of Burma: the bad guy who is destroying everything in his way (usually a ruthless military man or a horrible general). Japonica's shadowy days and the picture of the intruder are linked to the nation's unification and have taken their toll. What's more, it's the way it is.

Ever since the transfer, the Japonese authorities have begun to help build the necessary infrastructures for Myanmar's economic prosperity. What do we know about Japan's history? Taxi drivers driving old Toyotas, the prospects of a fellowship in Japan are causing a growing number of Myanmar students to choose Japan (they were more than 13,000 in 2016 to take the Japan Language Proficiency Test, 22,000 in 2017), teenagers love manifas and everyone who are celebrated on Sushi, but what do we know about the folks in Japan?

Now, for those who want to learn more about Japan, the Japan Filmfestival, which will take place in Yangon at the end of this monthly and in Mandalay early next year, is the right place to do so in a pleasant and effortless way. Koji Sato of the Japan Foundation says that the collections of the movies on display will mirror the realities of Japan as a whole.

"I believe that viewing these videos will enable the Myanmar population to identify with the Japanese," he states. Myanmar's Japan Mission has a long history of gentle patriotism through the theater. Showing a film on a month-by-month and very early on. Launched in 2000, the event began tentatively with one to three film.

This year Japan's gonna be big. Selections of film will be diversified, with different categories. They are all new and will be published after 2016. It is hoped to lure people from Burma and expatriates with sub-titles in English and local music. Inspired by the excitement of the last issue, the Japan Foundation, the organizer, will open an agency next year - initially under the Japanese emassy.

They even talk about opening a Japanesese-style culture center, similar to the Institut fran├žaise, but more, well, it' s Japan. It will take place from January 19-28 in Yangon (Nay Pyi Taw Kino and Junction City) and from February 2-4 in Mandalay. Admission is free and the tickets can be picked up one hours before the performance.

You can find more information, trailer and dates on the Facebook page of the "Japanese Filmfestival Myanmar". 1- Her Love Boils Bathwater - This movie will be shown at the opening celebration. A 125-minute play by Ryota Nakano is a moving tale of love and devotion between a moribund wife and her mother's wife.

There she meets a traveller who transported her in 1582, on the evening before the "Honnouji incident", an important event in Japan's past. Made by Masayuki Suzuki, this 120-minute historic movie of mysteries and plays in German and English was published in 2017. 3- In the Corners of the World - An award-winning animation movie, this Sunao Katabuchi play was a smash in Japan in 2016.

Japonese animation films are good, award-winning awarded. 4- Mumon swords, katana, high kicking and spattering bloody, this 124-minute Yoshihihiro Nakamura movie will take you into a fight between ninja and samurai.

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