Myanmar Love full Movie

Burma Love full movie

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The Myanmar Cultural Inheritance Movie is 85 years old

Today movie aficionados celebrate an important landmark in history: the 80th birthday of the Myanmar movie theater. Myanmar's first silence movie Love and Liquor, Myanmar, under the direction of Ohn Maung and with Nyi Pu in the leading role, was first shown in the land on October 13, 1920. Severine Wemaere, co-founder of Memory Cinéma, which organizes the Memory Movie Festival in Yangon, said it was an "important event in Myanmar's cinematography.

There is no such thing as a restorated copy of Love and Liquor, as many of its pristine features are not there. This is the date when Memory Cinéma celebrates the success of another early movie, Mya Ganaing (The Emerald Jungle). According to Wemaere, the 1934 Maung Tin Maung movie is "probably the oldest movie in Myanmar whose parts allow for restoration".

Wemaere, who has been restoring the country's cinema legacy with her associate Gilles Duval for 15 years, said the conservation was an important accomplishment for the country's Filmarchiv. "We were very lucky to win the confidence of the Ministry of Information, which enabled us to take movies from their archive for conservation.

Movie is really what connects people," she said. The Mya Ganaing is being renovated in the L'immagine Ritrovata of the Cineteca di Bologna, a specialized movie conservation lab in Bologna, Italy. L'Immagine Ritrovata, translated "the reconstructed image", is famous worldwide for its restorations of the cinema. The Mya Ganaing narrates the tale of U Pho Thwa, who is living in the jungles with his daugther Myint Myint.

Myint Myint has a horseback ride and is rescued from dying in the Yangon waters by a handsome young man, Chit Shwe. Chit Shwe and Myint Myint set off to town after a series of adventure trips through the jungles, among them many fights and shots at teak pickpockets in which Myint Myint's dad died.

A1 quickly became an outstanding Myanmar movie studios, and in the same year he direct his first movie, Mya Ganaing. 1937 he direct Aung Thabyay (The Triumph of Thapyay) about the last few weeks of King Thibaw, Myanmar's last royalty. But only a few Burmese saw it at the beginning, because the British rule did not allow the movie to be shown in cinemas.

From 1964 to 1966 Tin Maung was chairman of the Myanmar Motion Picture Organization (MMPO) and later won a Myanmar Academy Award for best filmmaker in 1967 with his movie Ko Ye, Toe Ye, Soe Soe Ye. Duval and Wemaere, who have restored Georges Méliès' 1902 movie A trip to the moon, which was first shown at the 2011 Cannes Filmfestival, said they also hoped to present Mya Ganaing at a big global event.

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