Myanmar Love all

Burma love all

Each of the books I have chosen is by a talented writer, and all show a significant aspect of Burmese history or society. ""The Pope's motto is love and peace: I have really loved Myanmar and all the people I have met ever since. Thingyan, Myanmar's New Year of Water. Happiness and sorrow exist, but above all: regret.

Pope Francis says to the Jesuits in Myanmar to be deeply ingrained in God's love.

Pope Francis traveled to Myanmar and Bangladesh from 26 November to 2 December on his twenty-first truly global apostolate. Wednesday 29 November, after his meeting with Myanmar's pastors, he encountered the Jesuits. The Jesuit Conference Asia-Pacific President Mark Raper SJ reported. His Jesuit brethren in Myanmar enjoyed the personal talk with Pope Francis.

Nearly all 32 Jesuits and nuns living in Myanmar could be with him in Cardinal Charles Bo's family. In spite of his busy and challenging diary on this busy last November weekend, Francis, who will soon be 81 years old, showed himself energetic and laid-back at home with his siblings.

In 1974, as Paul VI said to us, we Jesuits should be at the crossroads. 3. Burma is now at a decisive historic turning point. Speaking without going directly into the decade-long mismanagement and disregard for the Myanmar population, or the present human catastrophe in North Rakhine State and in the Bangladesh floodgates, or the dispute that has driven many out in Kachin and North Shan states, the Pope has merely pointed out that now is the right moment to join with all who are seeking a peaceful and reconciling life, all who are seeking to be united in variety, all those who are trying to forge.

St. Francis talked fresh and zealously about intimate topics such as the liberty that God gives us to elect or refuse him; the call to the Jesus to be in and from the Church; how the Jesus should be deep in God's love and civilization; the two necessary flavours for the pastors:

The reason he talked about his embarrassment was because he knew what sacrifice the believers had made to worship with the Pope. Embarrassment is a mercy, he said, the mercy Ignatius asks us to say in the first week. Francis sees it as the mercy that will help him to be a minister.

One Jesuit student working in a Yangon slums was looking for an answer from the Holy Father to the questions of a young lady who had asked him: "Come near this character, offer the Pope. Myanmar Jesuit mission is trying to do just that. Jesuits came back to Myanmar at the invitations of several tribal diocesan priests and opened a noviciate less than 20 years ago.

Today, about 50 Jesuits are part of the mission, more than 30 of whom are from Burma, most of whom are still studying abroad in Indonesia, the Philippines or Sri Lanka. As most Catholics in Myanmar are members of minority groups, the Jesuit education facilities in Yangon and Taunggyi, while serving these societies, are open to all, regardless of their ethnical or faith.

In spite of the lack of sufficient staff, the Jesuits have nevertheless adopted a ministry in a border archdiocese for the Kachin and Shan peoples, working in a catechesis among the Kachin peoples, in a basic folk high school in a slums area in Yangon, where the needy are assisted to reconstruct their homes, and through a small microcredit ministry.

The Jesuit Refugee Service is also currently working with several hundred thousand refugees within the states of Kachin and Kaya and on the borders with Thailand and China.

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