Myanmar Lottery Result for June 2016

June 2016 Myanmar Lottery Results

The Myanmar E-Lottery (?????

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The Aung Bar Lay State Lottery Association has said that the distributor has fought for approval to launch a new line of lottery tickets, with more than 15,000 petitioners making suggestions to launch the new K500 tickets for retail in March next year. Traders for next year's forthcoming state lottery must make a down payment on the basis of their suggested amount, according to the State Lottery Directorate, Department of State Revenue, which reports to the Ministry of Planning and Finance.

Burma must pass legislation to settle its first e-lottery to be introduced in Yangon and Mandalay, according to the Internal Revenue Department (IRD) of the Ministry of Planning and Finance. According to the Aung-bar-lay lottery department, Myanmar lottery tickets will increase to 500 K per lot with a main price of 1 billion K from March 2017.

For the 2016 financial year, the Internal Revenue Department (IRD) is forecasted to launch 17 lottery lots with the highest bid of K1 billion ($900,000). Aung Bar Lay's lottery department in the finance department reports that the national lottery was extended by 1,500 extra prices as of 1 June. The Parliament has taken further measures in relation to the sale of lottery coupons for more than the fixed ticket prices, which can result in a penalty of up to CZK 5 million.

Vendors of state lottery lots that demand more than the formal price are faced with fees, warning an Aung Bar Lay Lottery Department of the Internal Revenue Department (IRD) officer. The lottery winnings of 200 million k ($200,000), of which a main award of 150 million k, were not taken by the winning lottery, said U Thein Naing, manager of the state lottery department of Aung Bar Lay.

The Huawei Device Myanmar recently held its first "Fan Meeting" at Latt Mu Gone, Karaweik Garden, Kandawgyi Natural Park in Yangon to honor a grand total of 72 Huawei Ascend P7 smart phones for the winner of a WorldCup Quiz Contest. Unused lottery prizes over three years in the state lottery system "Aung Bar Lay" amount to K6.917 billion ($7.13 million), one of the ministers said.

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