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Movies shot in Burma (Myanmar), a corner of Southeast Asia facing irreversible change. Galleries of Myanmar (Burma). Galleries of a round trip through Myanmar (Burma). Burma Lonely Planet travel guide. Oo barks about the roar of the crowd and hammering hype music in a Lethwei gym in Yangon, Myanmar's commercial capital.

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View Lonely Planet's Southeast Asia on a Shoestring Guidebook. Posted and investigated by Lonely Planet, Simon Richmond, Austin Bush, David Eimer, Mark Elliott and Nick Ray.

Unexplored shores, unexplored foodies and jail islands: Long-Lonely Planet's top travel destination in Asia

London Planet's Best in Asia 2016 listing looks again at the world's biggest continen. However, do not cross Asia off the map, because according to Lonely Planet's selection of the best places to go to next year in Asia, there are still many places to go to.

According to Lonely Planet Asia Pacific spokesman Chris Zeiher, "The 2016 summary is a diverse bestseller of classical travel locations that offers a breath of new life for travelers, areas full of activity and places you've probably never known. "Whether you visit the "center of the universe" in Shanghai or ski on the "perfect Hokkaido powders ", you will surely find inspirations for your next Asiatic adventures.

Hokkaido, the most northerly of Japan's major isles, is best known for its first-class skiing areas. "This year Hokkaido has become much more easily accessed thanks to the new high-speed rail link between its south Hakodate seaport and Tokyo," says Lonely Planet. It' s certainly Shanghai, where it often looks like all 24 million inhabitants are looking forward to having a good time," say the authors of Lonely Planet.

Shanghai, China's biggest and most advanced metropolis, has something for every traveler. The centrepiece is the Bund, a famous riverside walk, bordered by magnificent artistic decoration and busy shipwalk alleys offering a stunning view of old Shanghai. According to Lonely Planet, the boom in cocktails and crafted beers shows how internationally the town has become.

It will be a big one this year with the opening of the first Disney on the Chinese continent this year and the long-awaited construction of the Shanghai Tower - the second highest structure in the word. Her kitchen is so popular that UNESCO made her a city of gastronomy in 2012, and her rapidly developing outdoor kitchen is now attracting a younger audience.

Every year in October, the Jeonju Bibimbap Festival is held in the town. It celebrates the tradition ally dishes. The Con Dao Islands were used as a punishment settlement during the colonisation of France for imprisoned politicians and later for enemies of the Saigon government, who were kept in so-called "tiger cages".

As well as its interesting story, the Con Dao Islands are also a place of tremendous unspoilt nature, with wooded mounds, secluded sand shores and reindeer beds offering Vietnam's best dive sites. Just 45 flight min. from Ho Chi Minh City, "there is currently no better place to enjoy the freshness of the sea, to discover a sparkling sea and to have fun in a shipwrecked atmosphere," says Lonely Planet.

"A skyscraper city that always bewitches with a mixture of cultural, culinary and consumerist elements, but now Hong Kong is concentrating on its cultural heritage," say the authors of Lonely Planet. UNESCO declared a geo-park, a 50 square kilometer area in the north-east of Hong Kong that encompasses the Sai Kung Volcanic and Northeastern New Territories Sedimentary Rocks regions, was opened in May to present the old Hong Kong crags.

ou Wong's hen with crunchy bean sprouts and tau fu fah (tofu pudding) on funny mountain," says Lonely Planet. Rumors have it that the state of Perak is trying to put Ipoh on the World Heritage List, so come here soon to see it without people. Thailand is not the last border of Myanmar for travellers who live in Myanmar.

However, if you have been deterred by the ranks of year-olds, full-lunch parties and sexual tourism, the Trang Islands are a good place to visit Thailand again. Featuring caverns, reindeer herds, paddy paddies and the chance to see vulnerable dugongs off the mangrove-covered Ko Libong, Trang Islanders can stay longer than planned.

"Had there ever been a contestant for India's Prodigal World, it would have to be Meghalaya, the high calcareous stone plain that separates Assam's Brahmaputra Valley from the Bangladesh plains," says Lonely Planet. Located between the hills and the sea at the south estuary of the East Rift Valley, the exotic town of Taitung is Taiwan's hidden Wildcard, according to Lonely Planet.

Recent progress in the Taiwanese business community seems to have bypassed Taitung, and the capital has preserved an unapologetic rural allure. Each Chinese New Year takes place in Taitung the weird Bombing Master Handan Fest, where fireworks are thrown at a voluntary worker who wears only scarlet short to celebrate the god Master Han Dan.

Taitung also develops a name as one of the most important windsurfing destinations, and every year Taitung organizes the Open of Surfsurfing Cups.

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