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Burma Location in Asia

Inquiry Login Login Travel Agency Login - Home - About us - Customers - News - Contact - The KAI Foundation - < Back to Asia. Asia Plaza was very beautiful and close to the city centre, you can walk to Sule Pagoda and the Royal Palace. Everlasting photo tours and photo workshops in small groups to hidden places in Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Iran, Sri Lanka and India. Text and links to information sources about MYANMAR (country) SOUTH EAST ASIA. "and Myanmar's geographic location.

Programme Manager, Myanmar

Asia is playing a decisive part in an ever more complicated and networked environment. Our work throughout the area is based on six decade-long experiences and in-depth knowledge and aims at five overall objectives: strengthening good Governance, strengthening the empowerment of womens rights, increasing business opportunities, increasing the impact on the environment and promoting interregional Co-operation. In particular, he is in charge of two current tax openness, governmental finance administration, state and provincial governments assistance, community administration and CSR.

The two projects will end in March 2018 and April 2019. He has extensive management and/or engineering programme management skills and extensive knowledge of this area. Programme managers look after a large network of local and multinational people. In his role as Programme Leader, the Programme Director will also help to further develop the Office's portfolio of good corporate citizenship.

Interact extensively with members of the Foundation's corporate Governance committee, governors, advisors, other Foundation programs, and with the Foundation's Administration and Finance & Grants departments. Maintaining frequent contacts with Myanmar official and authorities, multilateral and regional aid organisations, implementation partnerships, economic and civic organisations, trade associations, social groups and executives, academia and other on the ground.

At least eight years of pertinent working experiences in the design, administration and implementation of corporate social responsibility programmes in development coun-trys. Extensive experiences in the areas of decentralisation and regional governments, urbanisation, tax openness, governmental interaction and finance administration. In-depth expertise in projectmanagement, budgetmanagement and -monitoring, teambuilding in a multicultural context, efficiently and effectively implementation of projects mile stones and interrelations.

Understanding of government agencies and practice in developing nations, particularly in Asia and Myanmar. It would be advantageous to have gender coding and gender learning expertise. Studied jurisprudence, politics, political economy, macroeconomics, social and economic research, PR, public policies, government, international relationships, women's education/development, business, external politics or asia. Experienced in the areas of application and reporting, finance and subsidy and budgetary controlling, as well as in the areas of agribusiness.

Ensuring that projects are carried out in an efficient and effective manner at selected locations in selected states and areas of Myanmar, involving close relationships with governments, parliament, civil societies and local representatives. Supervision and management of a teams of multinational and domestic personnel and advisors to carry out projects and to keep them coherent.

Ensuring that the staff develop a profound understand of old and newly evolving official and nonformal city decisions that affect our work. Make sure the staff stays up to date with best practice on issues that affect decentralisation and tax visibility, as well as the governance, accountability, urbanisation and interaction between governments and people.

Continual programme activity evolution to meet developing needs and pro-actively use the necessary ressources to adapt and execute them. Ensuring the content input, coaches and supports the partners/grants in the planning, conception and realisation of projects as well as the punctual provision of updating and reporting by the partners/grants. Follow ongoing policy work with the federal authorities at both domestic and sub-national level and give the regulators periodic feedbacks on the wider issues affecting the execution of the work.

Follow the work of other organisations/development partnerships that also carry out governance-related work at both trade and sub-national level. Make sure that the club organizes frequent on-site site visitations by Foundation employees and local affiliates and writes grant applications, contract documents, presentations, speeches, etc. Maintain overall visibility, evaluate and learn frameworks, and generate periodical reviews, either for Foundation in-house Foundation coverage or for contributors.

Adhere to all the Foundation's administration and logistics guidelines, regulations and practice in conducting all the Foundation's work. In accordance with the Foundation's guidelines and practice, you will be responsible for the preparation, updating and settlement of all funding records related to the Foundation's operations, as well as receipts. Approval of due diligence for prospective partners/grants by the projekttem and Finance & Grants and ensuring that all due-diligence documents are filled in and filed by prospective partners/grants.

Managing relations with prospective partners/grants, monitoring the evolution of their proposed funding, monitoring their expenses and ensuring that they are within agreed funding levels and that expenditure goals are attained. Make sure that your donors are informed on a regular basis about the progres. Participation in get-togethers and activities with developing countries, government and civic organisations.

Participation in foundation sessions and other related specialist forum and event. Supports other ongoing Foundation programmes and acitivities as necessary. This foundation provides outstanding performance and a remuneration in line with our experiences.

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