Myanmar Located in which Country

Burma Headquarters in which country

Aka Myanmar, located in Southeast Asia. The Myanmar site is also militarily important for China and India. The Finnish affairs are handled by the country's embassy in Bangkok. Until the last dynasty of Burma it was a royal capital. It is an old town in the Mandalay region.

Burma is a state in Southeast Asia.

Approximately one third of the entire 5,876 km (3,651 miles) radius is a continuous 1,930 km (1,200 miles) stretch of coast along the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. With 51 million inhabitants, the 2014 survey showed a significantly smaller number of inhabitants than anticipated. Burma covers 676,578 sqkm.

Naypyidaw is its main town and former capitol is Yangon (Rangoon). Among the early civilisations in Myanmar were the Tibeto-Burmese talking Pyu city-states in Oberburma and the Mon empires in Unterburma. The Bamar stepped into the top Irrawaddy River basin in the ninth millennium, and after the pagan kingdom was established in the 1050', the Myanmar languages, cultures and Theravada Buddhism gradually became predominant in the area.

Re-united by the Taungoo dynasty in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, the land was for a short time the biggest kingdom in the mainland of Southeast Asia. During the Konbaung dynasty of the early nineteenth centuries, the area was dominated by Myanmar and, for a short time, Manipur and Assam. In the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries, after three Anglo-Burmese battles, the Brits entered Myanmar and the land became a british warfare.

In 1948 Myanmar became an autonomous state, first as a democracy and then, after a 1962 putsch, as a army regime. During most of its years of independence, the Burmese people have been engaged in unbridled racial conflicts and Burma's countless communities have been entangled in one of the longest lasting civilian conflicts in the world.

Throughout this period, the United Nations and several other organizations have been reporting persistent and systemic violation of international humanitarian law in the state. After a parliamentary elections in 2010, the army junta was formally disbanded in 2011 and a nominal civil administration was appointed. Whilst former army rulers still exercise tremendous powers in the Burma, the Myanmar army has taken action to abandon sovereignty over the state.

Together with the liberation of Aung San Suu Kyi and detainees, this has helped to improve the country's balance sheet on humanitarian and external affairs and to ease trafficking and other forms of imposed on it. Where' s Myanmar? Read more about Myanmar:

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