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Myanmar's best travel agency. Myanmar has been spared from globalization in Asia for decades. Myanmar is like a journey back in time. Welcome to Myanmar Travel Agent, the website of Travel Expert! Travel packages and airline tickets are available locally and worldwide.

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Myanmar (formally known as Burma) was for many years insulated from the rest of the earth, but now it has opened its gates to the tourist - and they love it! Myanmar has an unbelievably varied countryside, from the Himalayas in the northern hemisphere to the Mergui Archipelago in the southern hemisphere, with over 100 different ethnical groups.

Myanmar is the place you want to be, with a thousand-year old story and some of the most friendly and inviting places you can name. Cross the riverbank, try the marvels of Chinese cuisine in China Town or take a ride to continue exploring Yangon.

Four evenings / three evenings to cycle through the temple, discover the nearby towns and watch the sun set on the Ayerwaddy River. We guarantee the start of the route 3 daily per workweek. Includes 4 or 3 consecutive overnight stays on Lake Inle by bike and one excursion to a vineyard.

The tour starts 3 nights a week from $198 per group. A 3 night hike from Kalaw to Lake Inle will take you through a wonderful landscape, including a cruise on Lake Inle and some of the most spectacular local adventures. It starts 3 x per wk for only $132 per passenger.

Although Myanmar is famous for its royalty, unparalleled civilization and splendid temple, it is still one of the least frequented in Southeast Asia. Burma has many creeks, brooks, seas, ponds and coastlines of about 1,300 mile. Ships of many kinds and size were an important part of the transport system in Myanmar.

I want to tell you that we had a great trip in Myanmar and all travel preparations were great.....

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