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The majority of our customers' money goes directly to the local people. The Forgein tour operators are doing without local guides, and some in the Myanmar tourist community are calling for restrictions. Easy-to-understand, honest advice on responsible tourism in Burma to ensure that your trip has a positive impact on the environment and the local population. Give our tour experts a call and have a good trip! We offer services for all tourist services and have become one of the leading tour operators in Myanmar.

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We' ve just returned from Myanmar. Ten ideal getaways with the One Stop Tour "package". Took me about a year to make the final decisions on a visit to Myanmar. When I had almost finished my route, I contacted Kyaw Khaing to clarify the most challenging part of the journey between the different places.

He has a lot of knowledge in the tourism industry, so all the advice he gave us was priceless. Deliveries were organised to perfection, all on schedule. All of our flights have overnight buses to Mandalay, boats to Bagan, two flights within the country (Bagan-Heho-Yangon) and coupons for guesthouses/hotels. I' ve almost forgotten.... the services include Yangoon sight-seeing, boating to Mingun and auto transportation to sagaing, Amarapura, Mt.Popa, Pindaya, Inley& Indein,Kakku with lunch breaks at beautiful and inexpensive places and countless other places where we made a stop during the autotransfers.

Not only were the riders driving, they took us through all the nice places, showing us local fairs or unknown places and places along the way. I' m much more wise now than before, and if I were to return to Myanmar and make the same journey, I would do exactly the same - use Kyaw Khaing.

Myanmar's Best Tour Operator - Review of TripBuilder Myanmar, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

If I had any questions during the journey or wanted to make changes to my route, he answered my e-mails immediately. Thank you Myint Miat. The tour leaders at every travel stop spoke English perfectly and offered a great team! Come and see it now, when it is still untouched and without masses of people and you can enjoy its abundant cultural heritage and breathtaking youth!

It is definitely the kind of agent to use when you visit Myanmar!

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"We have been selling it for 10 years," says co-founder Amrit Singh, who was borne in Burma. "There was little request from the UK, mainly due to the call by Tourism Concern ( for a ban on tourism, while UK companies and the UK administration were involved with the Burma war. Our company does not use armed forces institutions or service, hotel, airlines or agents, but only small owner-managed and privately run leaders.

The majority of our customers' funds go directly to the local population. "For 24 years we balked at selling Burma because the Burmese democracy called for a tourist ban, but now that this has been changing we are working with privately owned businesses. There was a need to catch up with the customers - our first journey was already booked out in a week".

"We' ve been selling Burma since the early 1990' s. There is no assurance that no funds will get to the governments (e.g. through taxes), but we work with privately owned businesses that promote collaborative ventures and sustained growth. "We' re making our first fact-finding missions in the fall because the National League for Democracy is breaking up its resistance to the tourist industry.

We will use self-contained accommodation and establish sustainability tourist and host families in the countryside."

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