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Myanmar Travels & Tour Co "I had a great time with Tour De Myanmar. On request we can arrange special package tours and travel services at very reasonable prices. Cycling and Ballooning in Bagan Local Immersion . Myanmar tour operators and Myanmar travel agencies offering Myanmar tour packages, Yangon City Tour, Bagan City Tours, Mandalay Tour for Myanmar Budget Travel and independent travelers.

Asked to sign up for travel agents locally

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In order to obtain licences, businesses must apply to the Department of Hotel and Tourism. "A travel agent needs an appropriate corporate culture. There are no barriers to the application for and receipt of licences. The number of pilgrims has increased every year.

Whilst there are businesses that abide by the regulations, many others do not have the corresponding licences. Negotiations were conducted with the relevant authorities in order to ensure that their operation was monitored carefully. Therefore, I would strongly encourage you to apply to the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism to obtain appropriate licenses," said U Maung Maung Aye.

The tourism law presented to Pyidaungsu Hluttaw requires travel agents to be registered, otherwise they are subject to imprisonment for a maximum of three years, a maximum of K20 million or both. Only 25 per cent of Turkish travel operators currently have official permits, according to the alliance.

"He who works without a licence cannot carry out normal touring. The organizers also have to take out a policy, but most don't, although they do, selling travel packets with a price in the K70,000-100,000 area. Enrolment fees are K50,000 and one licence is for one year, said Daw Thida Moe, Mandalay's Assistant Manager of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

Most of the indigenous people go to the Kyihtiyo Pagoda in the Mon State in Thadon.

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