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Burma is very different from any other place you know and it' s a separate one. Spin back the watch with a journey to this distorted land and explore this fascinating, enigmatic and irresistible land. Experience Burma's varied historical places and scenery, accompanied by an expert tourist guides and a car. Insider information gives you a deep insight into Myanmar and a lifelong experience of this fascinating city.

Myanmar 8-14 day holiday - enjoy the easy joy of travelling with gold-plated coupons. It is the classical Myanmar trip. Developed to emphasize the sights of Myanmar. The Myanmar Off the Beaten Track is a fine Myanmar trek that concentrates on the less frequented side streets of Myanmar as well as.....

The panoramic adventures in Myanmar. The Yangon - the gardens town and the capital gate..... 10 day and more that combine the best from several Indochina lands. This 13-day culture and adventures journey will take you to Myanmar, a mystical land that has been hiding from the Western world for many years, to.....

This 13-day Myanmar and Laos sightseeing is full of surprises that will allow you to..... This classical two-country excursion is especially intended for those who want to explore the beloved Vietnam and Myanmar area. At 19 outings, the journey will cover all the major cities in Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia and Vietnam.

Myanmar is the first nation with the... The panorama through Indochina. This trip is intended for travellers who have enough spare hours to make a thorough investigation..... Which are the best places to film the sunrise in Myanmar? What pagoda is the best place to fire the balloons in Bagan, Myanmar?

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