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Local travel agency Myanmar

We' re here for you when you're planning a tailor-made trip to Myanmar. Build your tour with local experts. Travel to a destination when travelling with Expeditions Myanmar. On the local train. All-inclusive MICE Travel Services, Event Management Services, Local Tour Packages und mehr.

With which local agency you can make a reservation - Myanmar Forum

Because of the feedback from this board, it's my turn to work with a local agency. Our aim is for a business to reserve only airline tickets and hotel accommodation, we do not need a tour or a tour. I would be pleased about any feedback about the cooperation with these enterprises, especially about the prices and the services.

Since I remember recently having seen first-hand accounts of most of them in these boards, why not enter the agency name in the above mentioned space in the Pyglass searcher? I' ve already seen comments in the board just to see if someone else has something to add!

So it' s too early, as my journey is in December 2011, but I have been working with Diethelm, Ananda and Tour Mandalay on the preparation. Mandalay Tour had the best prize and by far the best communication. Mandalay Tour responded every single working days to my e-mails and my request for changes to the itineraries.

I' ve been reading a great many good critiques with Tour Mandalay and because they were so useful in the design phase, I've chosen to go with them. Obviously the evidence of the custard is in the degustation, so I won't know how well things went until after December, but in the design phase the Mandalay tour was the best solution and the best price.

I' ve used the tour 3 Mandalays and I' ve been recommending it to my mates. The Manadalay tour you are referred to: Thank you for confirming on tour mandate. Myanmar Tourex interests me most because they are accepting Myanmar Tourex, and that is much simpler for me than a quick banker.

I' m looking forward to some criticism about this firm. Burma Delight was very good from beginning to end, and we did pay on arriving in Yangon, no need for PayPal, transfers, etc..

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