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Myanmar through the eyes of a local private guide! " We had a great vacation in Myanmar with Green Wood Tourism. Build your dream trip to Yangon and Bagan with experts. Create your tour with local experts. See Yangon come to life on the commuter train around this bustling city.

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Burma is probably the last pristine destination in Asia. They will be forgotten in the past, when humans connect with each other in the traditional way - more than just with the web. Surrounded by a breathtaking landscape, the natural environment is still its best. If you find an exodus to Asia this year, go to Myanmar - the land can provide you with everything - countryside, civilization or thrill.

Now you can go to the untamed beauties of Asia, let yourself be guided through the astonishing countryside and enjoy the country lifestyle and culture of Myanmar's ethnical minority, unaffected and unaffected by mass tourism. 2. You' ll explore another Myanmar with breathtaking scenic beauties, diverse culture of over sixty different races, and an exciting and exciting time.

"Myanmar adventures to uncover the myths."

Domestic tourism sector is becoming brighter

As soon as the tourist branch is referred to in Myanmar, it is common for the tourist trade to deal with overseas travel. However, when the recently reelected administration came to office in 2016, local visitors visited the event in large numbers throughout the entire state during the holiday - in brief, in the press as a symbol of local tourism's interest.

Take a look at our neighbors (e.g. China), where the tourist sector has become more dynamic not only in the international but also in the local area. Local visitors are guided in a visible way by the firms that have guided them through their area. It is an indication of China's economy, the comparative improvements in the primary needs of all households and a great interest in local tourist activities.

India's Indian tourist industries have not seen as much improvement as China's, although there is a small gap in their populations and geographies. Few local Myanmar residents have made a trip or holiday throughout the state. Since the new administration took office in 2016, internal tourist activity has grown considerably: even on regular breaks, visitors have visited occasionally well-known tourist sites, so that the rooms were full and there was a lack of good meals and beverages in the hotels.

Comparing the number of inland tourist sites in 2016 with those in 2017, there is an inlay growth of 52%, .46% in the Kyaikthiyo Pagoda, 42% in Bagan, 16% in the Mandalay region and 28% in the Sagaing region. According to dependable stats from National Pilgrimage and Tourism Service, it is learned that there will be 7 million tourist in 2016 and 8 million tourist in 2017.

According to extensive World Travel and Tourism Council research, in 2016 the revenue of the international tourist industry rose by 62.7% and that of the home market by 37.3%. It is undeniable that the 3.6% growth estimated for 2017 has made good headway in this area.

The Ministry of Hotel and Tourist Industry should treat the tourist industry in Switzerland and abroad on an equitable basis. MHT has made the following commitments for the tourist industry. The Central Committee for the Development of the National Tourist Industry began its session (1/2017) on 26 April 2017 on internal terrorism with the Vice-President (2) as Chairman and the Minister of the Union as Secretariat.

Discussions were conducted on internal travel in order to increase the standard of services to an ubiquitous level by providing comprehensive support to other related government departments, provinces and states. On 21 December 2017, the Committee met for the second time (2/2017) to follow up the decisions of the first session, defining the work programmes for the further growth of the tourist area.

Furthermore, the chairman of the Central Committee met with members of the Hotelier Association on January 20, 2018 to discuss the policy for the provision of adequate rooms for arriving travellers and the evolution of the country's expanding tourist industry. There is a need for more input to address the needs of the expanding number of national and international visitors.

Since October 1, 2017, the Ministry of Hotels and Travel has been issuing certifications for local travel operators in order to keep them in good order, good services and safety for travellers. Up to 50 pilgrim groups were awarded these certifications. They are recognised as small and medium-sized businesses and will be an emerging force in the tourist industry.

The members of the hoteliers' association must work for the sustained growth of the tourism industry in accordance with the requirements of the state. Householders, hotel or innkeepers should not increase the rents for their wealth without any reason. It is important that the locals are actively involved in tourism.

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