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Burma is witnessing an increase in internal tourist activity and a growing demand for international trips.

With Myanmar's democratic transformation, it was not the only sector that flourished. After decade-long restriction of national freedom of movement, the locals are now largely free to discover the area. As a result, native visitors were able to go to previously enclosed areas to see the families and pilgrimage to sacred places such as couches and convents that were previously out of reach.

As a result, German tourist demands have picked up in parallel with the global market. By 2015, 2. 46 million Myanmar residents had made internal travel and spent MMK733. The number of people travelling inland from August 2016 to April 2017 has risen significantly, according to the National Pilgrimages and Tour Operators Association.

Inland tourists account for more than a third of the sector's overall GDP contributions. In 2017, the World Tourisme & Tourisme Council estimates that German spending will increase by 3.6% to MMK1. Burma has also recently launched outdoor tourist promotion. According to the Union of Myanmar Travellers Association (UMTA), around 3 million Myanmar nationals go abroad every year for recreational and commercial purposes.

Several of the most visited tourist places for international travelers are the same as those of international visitors: the famous places of Bagan, Mandalay and Yangon. Myanmar travelers also like to go to Bengal Bay beaches such as Chaung Tha and Ngwe Saung, and the beautiful scenery of Kayin State.

Pilgrimages to the Kyaiktiyo and Kyaiktiyo (the Golden Rock) in the state of Mon are as much loved as Dawei and Myeik, according to the Myanmar Javago Myanmar reservation website. "Over the last three to four years, alternative and third world tourist destination have opened up and internal tourist development is clear," said Achim Munz, representing the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Myanmar, a non-profit organization that promotes locally based sustainability and responsibility in this area.

By 2014, the last year for which there are available figures, the most popular declared ecotourist websites for Myanmar visits were Alaungdaw Kathapa, Indawgyi, Moeyungyi, Shwesettaw and Wetthikhan. "Meanwhile, there are coach lines to many countryside and destination, and more and more companies are concentrating on internal tourists.

They' re preparing parcels to all important places, not only to see family, but especially for vacations, pilgrimage and to explore the country," Munz said. The mix of internal demands with global arrival has allowed hotels and tour companies to fill the gap in the high seasons every year. It is a favourable development for the whole sector as it boosts the low seasons tourist arrival demand: in the second and third quarter of the year.

According to UMTA, the number of tourist agents concentrating on German travelers rose by around 300 each in 2014 and 2015. There are no formal numbers of tourist agents, but the website of the Directorate of Investment and Corporate Management shows 2250 listed businesses whose name identifies them as such.

But there are some numbers suggesting that the appeal of packages is waning, according to those who claim that the number of packages booked is sinking. "The Myanmar population felt they did not want to go on packages and chose to build their own itineraries," Daw Ma Kay Khine Wint, founders of Royal Caravan Travels & Tour in Yangon, said to the Yangon regional press in 2017.

"There' s a tendency towards traveling independently, where travelers use their car to get around the country," he said OBG. But it is still hard to reach some areas of the countryside without a parcel service. It was a past custom for Myanmar travelers to remain in convents on pilgrimage.

But like so much in the countryside and the tourist industry, this seems to be developing. "To change people's attitudes, indigenous travelers choose to spend the night in a hotel rather than in a monastery or guesthouse," U Myoe Gyi, vice-chairman of the Association of Indigenous Pilgrims and Tour Operators, said to the community in July 2017.

"There has been no decrease in the number of travelers, even though the number of local tour organizers is rising, and the number of travelers with personal packages is also up. "It has more than 650 local hikers, according to the federation, which has computed the number of inland travelers by gathering numbers of check-points in favourite destinations.

Ngapali Beach is a goal in which the increasing interest of investors has been aroused by the increasing demands of national and foreigners. According to a Colliers Internacional survey, a larger number of properties are anticipated as the Chinese authorities plan to modernise Thwande Airport and improve power supply in the region.

Ngapali's local residents will double in 2016, the reports say, and these travelers have contributed to supporting Ngapalis Estates during the off-season. Some of this is due to hotel operators that offer rebates during the rainy period, but a more secure electricity grid has also enabled more properties to remain open, says Karlo Pobre, associated directors of Colliers International.

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