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The Myitkyina News Journal uses the powers of grassroots journalists in a land that until a few years ago had no sovereign press.

If your newspaper is in a war-ravaged state in Myanmar, the stories in the newspaper are not about policing and the game. The Myitkyina New Journal pages contain a great deal of what you can find in a small newspaper - football games at universities, indignation at the cutting down of old tree trunks - and a great deal of what you don't anticipate, such as drug trafficking, civilian wars, and violations of people.

Seng Mai, co-founder and editor-in-chief of this Myanmar-based daily paper in the restless northern Myanmar, considers the everyday tales as important as the highly-octanous. "I' m proud of them all," she says when she gesticulates in her Myitkyina studio in Kachin state on a screen with the front pages of the Newspapers.

With a population of around 300,000, the town is the province capitol of a zone that has been in the throes of decade-long conflicts between Myanmar's armed forces and a mighty insurgent force, which means that there is no lack of tales for the newspaper's seven-person reporter staff to interfere in. One of only a few women editors-in-chief in Myanmar, Seng Mai has traveled to areas of tension and has taken the fear that she could be detained for coverage of the clash.

A further item put the need for an embarrassing blow to build a bloc of communal latrine in a suburban warehouse in Myitkyina for those IDPs. Toilet facilities have been full of man-made garbage and grubs for month, but until history came out, the city' s sewerage department said it would only empty them if the inhabitants took over the cost they could not pay.

 The document will print 8,000 text per time period and sale for 500k yat ($0. 37), but to kind doomed its sum is publication by the group it power most, distribution elasticity a body part performance of area free text to all gathering in the Myitkyina topic, opportunity administrator and cofounder Brang May. As for the warehouse staff, they work as sellers for a fee for every copy sold.

Established in 2014, the paper uses the powers of grassroots journalists in a land that until a few years ago had no sovereign capital. The Journal is not without a critic. Peoples from minorities have been complaining that it is directed only at those from the state majorities of the Kachin peasants, says Brang Mai.

While accepting this critique, he says that the reports reflect the domination of the civic groups headed by Kachin in Myitkyina. "From the beginning of my career," says Seng Mai, 28, "I dreamed that Myitkyina had her own magazine. There hasn't been a newscast in my city for 60 years. "Since 2008 she has reported as a freelance journalist for the Kachinews Group, an on-line branch located in Thailand, and has also worked for the BBC's Myanmar linguistic team.

Today, her desk panels have front pages covering all of these topics in detail. "She says I wanted to be the first one to write this magazine that stands for the true.

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