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In Myanmar, Kachin'will protect her country to the end'.

All the preparations for this history took some while. Coming to Kachin State now is quite a challenge. Burma's army is coming at us from all sides. It has also prevented them from accessing not only local media but also local and foreign relief organisations.

Burma's army has intensified its bombings in several parts of the state of Kachin since the beginning of this year. You want the Kachin Independent Organisation (KIO) to ratify a contract of truce and then dissolve the Kachin Independent Army (KIA). Kachin tribe fled and hid in the jungle.

You said the Myanmar administration declined to grant humanitarian organisations to them. You were also hindered from traveling to areas under the KIO that are now in Myanmar army guards. So we started negotiating with our resources and it took some patience until we and the Kachin organizers trusted each other.

Our problem was the entrance to the Kachin state. Burma's army had crossed this northerly piece of country bordering China to the north and India to the west. With our connections we would use a back door route map to find another way out of Myanmar.

This had to be done in complete confidence because the Myanmar administration does not want to see a journalist in that part of the land and is doing everything it can to keep newsmen out. We drove for many and a half hour, after which we arrived in Laiza, the de facto city of the state of Kachin and the seat of the KIO and the KIA.

The uncertainty in this small city was felt as the Myanmar Armed Forces fired on its populace in the past. The Kachin troops have also dropped several strategically placed peaks from which Burma's artillery overlooks the city. Those we have spoken to are afraid and willing to go out of the city when the dispute is there.

There were Kachin troops everywhere. Then the troops make their bed - a bed of darkness made of reed and leaf. Hardness test came later that evening when we went on a nightship. They are proud men. They' re committed to defending their country, civilization and religions to the last man.

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