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It is therefore very important that everyone knows how to lead a healthy life. Burma is a resource-rich country in a region of strong economic growth, bordering India, China and Thailand. The Golden Paddy is now LIVE in Myanmar! These images show patients and their families being treated at Yangon Children's Hospital (YCH) in Yangon, Myanmar. Follow the live results and updates of India's AFC Asian Cup qualifiers against Myanmar at Jawarharlal Nehru Stadium in Margao.

The MM Football is a place where you can indulge your sporting spirits.

The MM Soccer is a place where you can indulge your sporting spirits. Soccer is the most favourite sports match than any competition or match. Approximately 95% of soccer fans watch the English Premier League, Italy Serie A, Spain Laliga, Germany Bundesliga, France Ligue 1 on their weekend or twice or three times a weeks.

When you' re an addict to soccer, there must be a team where your mind is together. However, the top placings are staffed by various premier-league teams, England Premier League leads the roll of contemporary soccer and their talent programmes are overwhelmingly around the globe, rivalry item for this century. When it comes to rivalry, England Premier League is the place to be.

Approximately 70% of men in Myanmar are different Premier League supporters, and the championship is also the favorite event in Myanmar. Anyone can see that the people of Myanmar are 100% enthusiastic about the game because we watch and support our beautiful team without sleep, while others watch during the day.

Soccer must be at the forefront of mass sports for the next few hundred years and has also held the rival place in the past. So soccer is not just a match these few era, soccer is becoming the soul and soul of fans. So let's hit together, strangers or confidants are not essential, just take it with them.

Newest Myanmar live English messages - Rohingya Murder

The Myanmar courts decide that the persecution of Reuters reporter can go to full lawsuit. Rohingya's migrant populations are already at extreme risk. The UN leader described the plight of the Rohingya migrants as" a humanitary and humankind nightmare" Khamenei: The violation of humans, which was perpetrated by the USA in the whole wide globe, Great Britain and France's crime in Africa and the sub-continent of India over the last few years, and the missions of the West to assist ISIS and other fighters in Syria, Myanmar etc. in recent years make the falsehoods of fake defenders of humans clear.

Burma is firing General at Rohingya.

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