Myanmar Lifestyle

Burma Lifestyle

Toms coffee takes the first step in Myanmar/ YangonLife - Tom n Tom's coffee takes the first step in Myanmar. I didn't know who Westlife was before I moved to Myanmar. While it may not be easy to get involved, a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing for human life. Who we are - About Myanmar; Itinerary;

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Burma's tribe is welcoming and warm-hearted. You have a straightforward and common lifestyle. In Myanmar, the cultivation method has not yet evolved. There are one or two convents, pagodas as they are Buddhists, fountains for bathing (some of today's homes have tubular fountains), ponds to gather rainwater for consumption and cook.

The villagers are woken up in the early mornings and every member of the household starts their day-to-day work on the agriturism. During their free times, visitors come to see their relations and close ones. A few couples welcome their buddies with a cup of leaf lettuce, fermenting lettuce and palmsugar and talk to each other every evening, what we call "Burmese leaf-tee-talk.

It' very important for the elderly in the towns. They are communicative as humans from the tropic meteor. However, living in the village is very easy and stress-free. In Myanmar, most homes are large and generally have about 8 members. In the big towns, however, the familiy is getting smaller.

Grandparents, kids and folks are living in the same building. As a rule, an adult does not abandon the household until he/she is mature and the last spouse lives with his/her parent. If both of his relatives are killed, he divides the inheritance to his siblings' relatives.

It is a custom that the good kids should help their old folks to show their thankfulness. The young Myanmarians believe that they are doing a good thing with the help of their mum and dad, who are ordered by the three gems Buddha, Dhama and Sanga (the monk). Myanamar is the country's main foreign languages and is also the native speaker of the Myanmar and Rakhine population.

There are two different kinds of Burmese: the officer is used in written and written form..... Every Myanmar hosts many ancient rites. Since birth to death, the new member of the familiy..... Unlike in other lands where their folk dresses are only used on New Year' s Day or occasion because of the warm weather, the folk dresses of Myanmar, Paso for men and.....

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