Myanmar Life Hotel Yangon

Yangon Myanmar Life Hotel

The Myanmar Life Hotel is conveniently located in a recreational area of Yangon. Reserve Myanmar Life Hotel now with Expedia and save! Reserve Akore Myanmar Life Hotel & enjoy no hotel booking fees and the lowest guaranteed price! Burma Life Hotel reviews and Myanmar Life Hotel room rates. The Myanmar Life Hotel is located in Yangon.

Closest international airport in Yangon

Situated in a tranquil area largely unspoilt by the city's contamination, the estate itself is adjacent to a housing area that can best be described as one of Myanmar's old historic towns. 40 min from the busy centre of the town, it is the ideal starting point to relax after a busy business and sight-seeing session.

It has been built with the resorts idea in view and all available spaces have been used to enhance the valued sense of roominess, relax and tranquility.

The Myanmar Life Hotel, Yangon: Infos, photos, critiques

There is an optional aerodrome shuttleservice available on demand. Please consult the real estate in order to make the necessary precaution. - It is a specialist in foreign dishes. There are no elevators in this building. In the case of a transfer, the guest must call the number indicated on the reservation certificate before arriving. All fees provided by this hotel are inclusive.

Since the hotel was near the airfield, we used it for a plane ride back. This was very much welcomed as we got off the Bagan overnight bus. It is a beautiful place to unwind with a swimmingpool and the restaurant.

The old part of the hotel is habitable! It looks like there's an old and a new part of this hotel. And the best thing about this hotel is its closeness to the international airports. It' so comfortable for a stop-over in one single evening and the shuttles are ingenious. There' s nothing else around, so you have to go to the hotel canteen, which is a little expensive.

Another day, when something like that was happening in another hotel, they just started smiling and said, no matter. It is only a few blocs from the mainland. Fast pick-up and friendly personnel, free of charge to and from the Aiport.

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