Myanmar Life Expectancy 2016

Burma Life expectancy 2016

The latest WHO data published in 2017 indicate that life expectancy in Myanmar is 5 and overall life expectancy 66. This year, the life expectancy of women was 68 years. The average life expectancy at birth in Myanmar in 2015 was 66 years. By 2016, Myanmar's life expectancy was 66 years.

Myanmar - Life expectancy at childbirth 2016

By 2016, life expectancy in Burma - Myanmar rose to 66.61 years, 68.94 years and 64.24 years for men. Myanmar - Myanmar's stance has deteriorated in relation to the 192 nations we are publishing, falling from 142 in 2015 to 144 in 2016. Looking at the changes in life expectancy in Burma-Myanmar in recent years, we see that it is higher than in 2015, when it was 66.46 years, which is the same as it was in 2006, when it was 63.88 years.

On this page we show you the course of life expectancy in Burma - Myanmar. They can see life expectancy in other counties in life expectancy and all information about Burma - Myanmar in the Myanmar business.

  • Myanmar - Life expectancy at childbirth 2005-2015

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Myanmar Life expectancy at childbirth

It is an indicator of the mean life expectancy of a group of persons who have been birthed in the same year if death rates remain stable at all years. The life expectancy at childbirth is also a measurement of the overall life expectancy in a given nation and summarises death at all years.

This can also be seen as an indicator of the possible returns on investments in people and is necessary for the computation of various insurance mathematical schemes.

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