Myanmar Life Expectancy

Burma Life expectancy

The Myanmar Life Expectancy Chart, historical and current data. Life-expectancy at birth, female (years). Naypyidaw is the capital of Myanmar, the currency is Kyat. HIV and AIDS in Myanmar (Southeast Asia). Life expectancy at birth in Myanmar:

Life-expectancy at childbirth, overall (years)

Life expectancy at childbirth, in Myanmar in 2015, was 66.39 in all. The life expectancy at childbirth is the number of years a new-born baby would be alive if the pattern of death prevalent at the moment of childbirth remained the same throughout his life. Deaths for different ages (infants, pediatric and adult) and general death rate indications (life expectancy at childbirth or up to a certain age) are important indications of the state of healthcare in a population.

As disease recurrence and incidence are often not available, death rate is often used to help identifying at-risk groups. They are also among the most commonly used socio-economic trend comparison indices for each country. The life expectancy at childbirth is the mean life expectancy of a new-born baby if the death pattern remains stable at the moment of childbirth in the hereafter.

Reflecting the overall death rate of a given populace, it summarises the death rate patterns that prevail in all ages in a given year. This is computed in a periodic chart that provides a momentary picture of a population's death rate at a given point in it. Therefore, it does not mirror the actual patterns of death a individual may experience during life, which can be computed in a chart of cohort lifes.

A high death rate in young ages significantly reduces life expectancy at childbirth. However, if a childhood is survived with a high death rate, a child can survive much longer. In a 50 year-old populace, for example, there may be few who die at the tender of 50.

Life expectancy at childbirth can be low due to high infant deaths, so that once a child has survived, a life expectancy can be much longer than 50 years.

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