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Although the LGBT fellowship has been fighting for its laws for many years and has had several successes in various West European nations, it still has a long way to go in Asia. The LGBT company has very few or no laws in most Asian nations, and Myanmar is the most recent example at the moment.

A young trans-gender who lives in Yangon Municipality in Myanmar, Miss Chew Su Khin was recently detained for her "suspicious acts", and this is not her first this year. Having been misused and violated by many "prison mates", Chew Su Khin had to repay 35,000 Kyat (26 USD) for her liberty.

Chev Su Khin is just one of many cases that happen every single working days in Myanmar. Myanmar's LBGT advocate explains that these mistreatments, harassments and acts of abuse are routinely committed by its members and that the acts of abuse do not come from bands or mafias but from the gay and lesbian cops.

Myanmar's riot squad refuses to harass LGBTs and uses Article 377 of the Criminal Code, a relict of the UK COLONAL LEGISLATION that bans "carnal traffic against the order of nature" to keep abusing blackmailing cash and sex favours in a land where gayness is outlawed. As Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) came to office after his elections last November and promised to campaign for the cause of humankind, many gays were hoping that this win would allow them to step out of the shadow, but Suu Kyi said early this year that he was "no longer interested in fighting LGBT violations, and that sex matters from the West were not important in Myanmar"!

Aung Myo Min, one of the first organisations to give mutual judicial support to the LGBT fellowship, said that many members of the nation and the humanitarian movements feel that the fight for LGBT liberties is not as important as other issues such as detainees, religious freedoms and free speech.

The struggle will go on and a better tomorrow for the LGBT community in many Asiatic lands, especially Myanmar, seems to be fading every single working days, and the promises of a better life still look very far off.

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