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Booking Mr. Lee Hotel, Yangon Region on TripAdvisor: This is Yanghee Lee and Georgia Drake. Burma non-formal education photo essay. Only Photo / Getty Images. Only photo about AFP/ Ahmed Salahuddin.

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CNBBLUE bass player Lee Jung-shin's photo exhibit catches children's virginity and beauty in Myanmar | Style Magazine

The bass player Lee Jung-shin of the southern korea Rockband CNBLUE uses the photograph to overcome stresses. Lee's first photo show "We have blown away dandelion blisters" felt real, and his passion for it is real, perhaps because kids are the theme of his work. "This is a photo exhibit that wishes every one of the world's kids a blossoming lion's tooth that blooms everywhere," Lee said, addin' that he is moved by the fact that whitened tassels of lion's tooth also appear in impoverished neighbourhood.

This February Lee accompanied his sister Yong-shin, a photo artist, and Seolhyun from the girls group AOA on a journey to Myanmar under the direction of LOVE FNC Foundation, the AOA' CR and CNBLUE's FNC Entertainment recording group. It will capture a moment of visiting the 4th LOVE FNC School in Kalaw and the YWAM Child Welfare Center in Yangon.

"I was very upset when I got to Myanmar, but my sorrows and fears were fading when I saw the children's smiles," Lee said. When he heard that the kids work in the factory or in the house industry instead of going to college, Lee realized he could do more to give them shelter.

Lee and his sibling took photos of them and the Myanmar countryside during their work. "We wanted to catch the virginity and glory of the Myanmar children," Lee said. Lees disclosed his photographic passions at a press conference at the Canon Gallery in Gangnam, Seoul last Thursday.

Said he'd been enjoying photography ever since high school and he even wanted to go to university. As the photo exhibit is open to the general public, we sell mounted photos, post cards and uprights. Proceeds will be used for a fellowship program in Myanmar. Lees gave his photos to The Big Issue, a charitable publication that has been created to help raise awareness of and financial contributions to the home.

"Since I' m not a pro when it comes to photography, I like to do it for the better." Lee said. This exhibition will run until 10 June at the Canon Gallery.

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