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Burma Law

Implementation of laws and regulations. Implementation of laws and regulations. Mr. Briggs has written a book to identify, describe and explain the rules of private international law that form this part of Myanmar's current law. Burma Legal News from Global Legal Monitor.

With our many years of experience in Myanmar, we know the legal nuances and challenges you face.

Legal and constitutional

Legislative materials in this section are subdivided into (1) preliminary and general; (2) substantive - Myanmar law, subdivided into particular areas of law; and (3) chronological, from the UK to the present..... The subject area divides the materials into texts and comments. A text is (1) adopted law ("laws", "laws"); (2) draft law (proposed but not yet adopted laws); (3) implementation tools ("rules", "ordinances", "procedures", by(e)-laws" etc.), which we call all "ordinances".....

Notice, orders, notices, orders, etc. we call them decrees..... Myanmar Alin" and "Kyemon" sometimes appear in the " Mirror " and "Myanmar Alin" soon after they were passed. Read the UN section on the UN system, the UN resolution on the state of the country's humanitarian law and the Special Rapporteurs' report on Myanmar to the General Assembly and the Commission on Hum.

Judicial plurality comprises cases in which there is more than one judicial will. Burma/Myanmar has Anglo-Burmese law (including specific laws for non-Buddhist communities), traditional laws in Burma and non-Burma, established laws by various non-state players, and the progressive introduction of intergovernmental humanitarian law and other norms..... We believe that there is an important place for judicial plurality in the peacemaking proces.

Previously "Legal Issues on Burma Journal"..... In spite of its name, this is an independent magazine and not only the British edition of the LawKa Palace (formerly the JCO). In spite of the name, this is a separate magazine and not only the Myanmar edition of the LawKa Paula - Legal Journals on Burma.

Military law ordinances, states of emergency, etc. enviromental legislation, ordinances, regulations, etc. Acts, changes, rulings, rules and ordinances in connection with cash - banks, changes, taxes, insurances etc. Materials for the National Convention meetings of 17 May 2004 are taken from the on-line version of "The New Light of Myanmar".

For the 1993-1996 meetings, the data comes from Hugh MacDougall's "The Burma Press/Reviews " (BPS), 1987-1996 (for the full version of the file, click on the links on this library's homepage). They have been transliterated or summarized by the SLORC and SPDC media "The Working People's Daily" (WPD), which was renamed "The New Light of Myanmar" (NLM) in 1993.

The" National Convention Convening Commission Session Reports" are taken from the National Convention Convening Commission's website. Interestingly, apart from the accounts of the 2004 sittings, the accounts of the 2004 sittings are almost completely meaningless (most of the accounts are dedicated to listings of persons and organizations and what the general subject was, but no detail), while the accounts of the 1993-1996 sittings contain abstracts and even full text of the declarations of the various delegations - naturally also as full text of the SLORC declarations.

For a faster download, the 2004 OBL session releases have been deleted. Click on the sources at the bottom of each or group of messages to see the most informative snaps. They contain the text of the "Principles which form the basis for the definition of fundamental government policies ("the 104 Principles"), as well as the "Detailed Principles" drawn up later.

The Burma Code" The full-text version is a coarse scan that can best be seen with Google Chrome....Individual rules may be easier to read. This is important because Thailand has up to 4 million Burmese, most of whom have no regulatory position.

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