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Urg Myanmar to bring back its citizens: The world leaders have said that this speech is Aung San Suu Kyi's last chance to avoid international action against Myanmar. At the latest. A close-up of a person:

Urg Myanmar to bring back its citizens: B'desh High Commissioner for India | The Economic Times Video

At any time you can turn off alerts via the web browsing preferences. The Bangladesh High Commissioner for India, Syed Muazzem Ali, said that the Rohingya migrants pose a serious safety problem for India and Bangladesh. It stated that for the sake ofthe pacification and stabilization of the area, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar should put pressure on Myanmar's provinces to take back their people and give them their privileges.

Millions of demonstrators in Chechnya condemn prosecution of Myanmar Rohingya Muslims (FOTO, VIDEO)

According to policemen, one million protesters came to Grozny, the Russian Chechens' Russian capitol, to demonstrate against the violent attack in Myanmar, where a major raid on the Muslim Rohingya minorities is being conducted by goverment safety forces. It also blew up the world's leading politicians because they had not condemned what he termed the "elimination" of the Rohingya from their home state of Rakhine.

Previously on Sunday, the Moscow Islamic Fellowship organized a similar demonstration in front of the Myanmar message. At the end of August the fighting in Myanmar awoke. The Rohingya rebellious attack on an military stronghold and the reaction of the safety forces led to at least 400 dead. Rohingya are thought to have escaped from the Bangladesh frontier and have polluted the country's natural resource reserves.

Myanmar is home to about 1.1 million ethnic and nonreligious minorities who have been prosecuted for many years by the predominantly buddhistic ASIA. The Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, who is described in the West as an"' icone of democracy" and" the best hope" of Myanmar, has not ended the prosecution of Rohingya since she took office in April 2016.

In November, Myanmar hosted the Pope for his first time.

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