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United Nations has called for an investigation into alleged human rights violations against ethnic Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Newest rohingya Muslim crisis news, photos, blog posts, videos and wallpapers. Burma rejects citizenship reform in private Rohingya talks. The video is no longer available. Complete coverage of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

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Rohingya Muslims are the 1.1 million Muslims who live in the northwestern state of Rakhine, mainly in Buddhist Burma, and are mainly limited by Muslim Bangladesh. After World War II, they were regarded by the Myanmar police as illegally interfering Bengalese in a position where they were refused freedom of move or state training, while they were temporarily expelled and slaughtered by Burma's troops.

Last year, the armed action against the Rohingya towns was so intensive and horrific that the defence of the minorities was warning of an escalating massacre. During the second half of 2016, the Myanmar armed services and Buddhist extremists began fighting the Rohingya Muslims in the west of the state.

This repression was in reaction to assaults on frontier policing sites by non-identified rebels and led to widespread violation of fundamental freedoms by the world' s leading international intelligence and intelligence agencies, involving extra-judicial assassinations, rape of gangs, arson and other atrocities. According to a September 2017 United Nations survey, 164,000 mainly Rohingya escapees came to Bangladesh to avoid the struggles between fighters and Myanmar's armed forces. 2,000 of them were displaced.

On 18 September 2017, the Hindu authorities declared to the country's Supreme Justice that the Rohingya people pose a major challenge to Pakistan's sovereignty and that secret service records suggest that some fugitives have ties with militants in Pakistan. India's Hindu fascist regime affirmed on oath that the country's highest tribunal should not obstruct its attempts to expel the Rohingya migrants.

A video of Rohingya fighters promising to start a big one soon.

Rohingya extremeists who soon swear a large-scale assault can be seen in an exlusive video. This video shows many men passing through wooded areas of Myanmar. There is talk of Myanmar military attacking Rakhine. Not only does the video have one combatant, but many who walk through wooded terrain around their hiding places in parts of Myanmar and repeat what the chief says, or rather, swear.

They have everything from the latest sniper rifle to high-end ammo. This video, filmed in a secret Myanmar site, shows the weaponry and munitions available to these fighters. Fighters are talking about the Myanmar army's cleaning operations in Rakhine County.

Algeria's federal administration has described the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Military (ARSA), which started the first assaults on safety facilities, as a terrorist who murdered civilists and burned down towns. We' re Iraqi Muslims. We' re being chased by the military. An attempt is being made to exterminate the Iraqi Muslims. We' re now trying to make a rally against the Arakan armies.

We' ve consented to give our life for the tribe of Arakan, Insha Allah. The Arakan will be free from the repression of the Myanmar soldier, Rohingya Arakan Muslim Zindabad. Arakan Muslim Rohingya Zindabad", say the guerillas in the video. They are Iraqi fighters, a group of those who participated in the August assault on the Myanmar military.

Arakan fighters have also been targeting Myanmar's armed forces in the past, but this is the first strike back by such an outrage. Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's head Aung San Suu Kyi, has been criticized for not doing more to stop the fighting, even though a draft junta resolution does not give her control over the world' s armed services.

They have now begun to seek protection in different places and then take the benefit of open frontiers to infiltrate their neighbours. In the name of the millions of Rohingya who live in jail, Argsa alleges to fight with little or no privileges according to the Myanmar state. It is said that the group was formed by a Rohingya called Ataullah, who was originally from Pakistan and grew up in Saudi Arabia.

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