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Latest news and comments about Myanmar. Britain criticises the refusal to extradite the British to Myanmar. Receive the latest news about Myanmar and published on Daily News & Analysis. Complete coverage of Myanmar. The UN legal envoy calls on Myanmar to end discrimination against Rohingya.

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China BEIJING thinks Myanmar is now prepared to take back several hundred thousand Rohingya Muslims who have sought refuge in Bangladesh and escaped the former Burma violent situation, the top foreign official of the China administration said to his counterpart in Bangladesh on Friday. The United Nations and the Bangladesh authorities have begun to officially register several hundred thousand Rohingya escapees who have escaped defeat by Myanmar militaries.

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Myanmar's army forces have been arrested by Amnesty International for violating Muslims' fundamental freedoms..... After three paragraphs of the Criminal Law Book, four criminal reporter were indicted after they were indicted for blackmail..... Burma Native Land Public Co Ltd is constructing a new ropeway line over the Zwekabin mountain in Hpa - a township,.....

This World Bank-backed Nat onal Elektrification Program (NEP) will boost the Kayin state's electricity supply by..... Ministry of Education and the Goverment of France have organized a workshop for parliamentarians on.....

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