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Intel-Sat expands partnership with Myanmar

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / 5 June 2018 / To receive our free research on Intelsat S.A. (NYSE: I), simply register by following this link: symbol=I when the company's latest research reports arrive. The Company on June 1, 2018 announces that it has entered into a contract with the Ministry of Transport and Communication of Myanmar ("MOTC") to speed up the development of Myanmar's mobile communication network.

MOTC will use service on Intelsat 39, a Ku- and C-band spacecraft that will be replacing Intelsat 902 at 62° East in 2019. Sign up today and get more than 1,000 free research reports by subscribing to our website below: Com is currently working on the research for Telecom Argentina S.A. (NYSE: TEO), which is also part of the technology industry as Intelsat.

Don't miss out and become a free member today to view this report: The latest Intelsat S.A. messages are on our screen this mornings and our staff has chosen to publish a great corporate review which is now available for free below: As part of the new multi-year multi-transponder contract, Intelsat 39 will provide both C- and Ku-band satellites for Myanmarsat-2, allowing the Government of Myanmar to significantly improve its current infrastructure and that of other wireless carriers and major broadcasters.

It will drive the development of low-cost, high-speed wireless communications for governments, enterprises and municipalities across the state. The Commission will also endorse the MOTC's objective of providing 95% of the world' s citizens with wireless connections by 2022. Through the integration of satellites into its own wireless communications infrastructure, MOTC will be able to drastically improve the breadth, velocity and dependability of its entire ecosystem by extending 3G and 4G service to the more distant areas of Myanmar.

She will also meet eGovernment needs and make sure that municipalities have acces to a wide variety of public sector needs, as well as public care and training. It will also deliver crucial e-banking and deliver information and entertainment to audiences across Myanmar. U Chit Wai, Permanent Secretary of the MOTC Union Ministerial Office at MOTC, said that by strengthening its relations with Intelsat, the performance and efficiency created by Intelsat's globalized ecosystem will strengthen MOTC's networking infrastructures, expand the use of wireless connections outside Myanmar's metropolitan areas and improve the provision of information, medical, media and governance support to the population.

Mr U Chit Wai added that the MOTC - Intelsat relationship will ensure that companies have rapid, sustained and high value internet connections to help drive the growth of the digital assets, power and financial sector and further business growth across the state. By May 2016, Myanmar's MOTC used two Intelsat spacecraft to drive the nation's Wi-Fi infrastructures and extend enterprise bandwidth coverage.

Under the multiannual multi-transponder deal, granted under the auspices of the MOTC, the Government of Myanmar has significantly improved its and other wireless operators' wireless access and accelerated the roll-out of high-speed bandwidth and access to the web to businesses and municipalities across Myanmar. The MOTC used C-band satellites on Intelsat 902 at 62 East and Ku-band on Intelsat 906 at 64 East for VSAT networking and wireless backup service.

Through Intelsat S.A., headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Intelsat runs the world's first globalized global enterprise distribution system that provides high-quality, cost-effective broadcast bandwidth and broadcast television service anywhere in the globe. Intelsat's Globalized Net brings together the world's biggest satellites based backup with ground based infrastructures, mixed service and an open, integrated platform that enables clients to increase revenues and range through a new breed of networking service.

Jun 04, 2018 - At the Monday closure the Intelsat S.A. share price rose slightly by 0.77% to end the meeting at $17.12. Following yesterday's closure, Intelsat S.A.'s capitalization was $2.15 billion. It is part of the Technology segment, which is referred to as Diversified Communication Services. Unsponsored material included herein has been produced by an independent research firm (the "Author") and is audited and verified by an external research firm (the "Reviewer") representing a recognised independent research group.

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