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Burma Last Movies 2016

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naloon thar lay tinn ma htar nain bu kwe. During the last years a Chinese learning fever has broken out in Myanmar. They are all new and will be released after 2016.

Myanmar's young people are attracted by Myanmar's films and TV shows - Xinhua

Although the sound track and subtitle are in Mandarin, Operation Mekong, a massive Myanmar blockbusters, is going to be a sensation in Myanmar, drawing a young crowd with thrilling plot and great actions. One Myanmar college girl, whose name is Xu Qihong from China, said that her boyfriends are now intrigued by hot topics like "The Mystic Nine", "Noble Aspirations" and "Chinese Paladin".

"She is a favourite and has seen both film and television episodes of this story," said Xu, who is studying Mandarin at a Confucius school in the area. During the last years a epidemic of China's epidemic of educational craze has broken out in Myanmar. The youngsters started studying Mandarin and had their own name.

A number of monasteries began to provide classes of Mandarin study. "Li Xuetao, a lawyer who has been studying for three years, said: "I am fond of the Mandarin people. Mr Li was hoping that she could come to China to study the country's languages and cultures and teach Myanmar's young people when they returned home.

Liu Anjing, a third born immigrant, enjoys practising Mandarin art, who has been studying Mandarin for eleven years. In addition, more and more youngsters in Myanmar are expressing a desire to see places of interest in China, such as the Great Wall and the Temple of Divine Light. Myanmar's young look forward to hearing more about China's cultural life to better understanding the state.

No Muslims Allowed": How Aung San Suu Kyi's Myanmar is Growing Nationism | World Press Releases

It was built at the end of March by Buddhists living in the Myanmar villagers in the luxuriant Irrawaddy River Valley who were either forced to sign or sign a paper stating that they wanted to part. These small but malevolently isolated "Buddhist" outskirts act as a microcosm of purulent regional religion that threatens Myanmar's burgeoning democratic outpost.

Myanmar has ushered into a new age following many years of reign. In front of the US embassy in Yangon, many people gathered last months to ask the diplomatic community to stop using the term Rohingya to describe tens of thousands of Muslims living in IDP centres and communities in the west of Myanmar. Aung Ko, the new religious secretary, former General Thura, recently referred to Muslims and Hindus as "associated citizens".

That the new administration has not challenged and in some cases has repeated itself the ignorance of nationalism has raised the question of the place of the country's minority groups in its own time. Thungtan is a small town with about 700 inhabitants, mainly peasants. Recently, the inhabitants founded the Patriotic Youth Network, a patriotic group devoted to the development of the town - and keeps it out of "foreign hands".

"He says the town has spoken and seen that the NLD has done nothing about the worship issue. He asserts that it is left to the villagers to "protect" their own religions. At the beginning of 2015 a foreigner left for Thaungtan. It was Kyaw San Win who was the suspect.

The stout 28-year-old with big, elongated ears is standing in his cousin's beverage store in Yangon, three hour's car ride from Thaungtan. When his eldest dad chose to retreat to the country, Kyaw San Win says he lived in Yangon. I was Kyaw San Wins' best friend's cousin: Thaungtan. In the convent they were informed that the inhabitants did not want Calar, an insulting name for Muslims, in their town.

Kyaw San Win said the governor could not ensure their safety. So, they walked out of the town and sold the house last months. At about the same epoch, images on Facebook showed members of the Patriotic Youth Network next to their new bill. Lately it seemed to some that Myanmar could be on the brink of religio nal cruelty again.

Thaungtan's Patriotic Youth Network is denying connections to the racist nationalistic organization Ma Ba Tha, which has conducted an anti-Muslim hatred drive in recent years. Ashin Wirathu, a fire blight friar, is charged with causing fatal unrest on his Facebook page, where he spread unfounded rumors about Muslims. Recently, the grassroots weekly Irrawaddy, run by defenders of fundamental freedoms, released a comic strip with a dark-skinned, half-naked man carrying a plaque with the inscription "boat people".

A Moslem cabbie, Nanda Kyaw, who was hit in front of the Shwedagon Pagoda, which had driven out Moslem sellers a few days before, says he is still getting a headache. One group of youngsters wrapped their window and screamed racial insults, he said they evaded in front of his vehicle and hit him with metal bars.

You made him bleed from his lips and skull. That'?s what Kyaw San Win thinks. That' s why his wife and daughter didn't press accusations against the villagers who chased them out of the town. "They are very narrow-minded, we don't want to be with them," says his comrade.

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