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New films about Myanmar and film festivals are organized in Yangon. Myanmar mobile app offers Myanmar movies and videos. Highest Grossing Movies adjusted for inflation. Cementing Bollywood films factor in India-Myanmar bonds. This is the latest addition to the already stellar cast of the film?

Beginning of work on Myanmar's first 3-D film project

Myanmar's first 3-D feature, a Ko Thaung-directed nightmare drama made by Studio 35 Plus, began filming last months. Thoun Nyah Eeyq Lei Yeq (Three Nights and Four Days) is the tale of a man whose vehicle stops on a motorway.

Acting Kyaw Kyaw and San Yati Moe Myint are scheduled to last two-month. Studio 35 Plus CEO U Tin Maung Win said the picture will be shot with unidentified people. "The first thing incumbent actor asks is how long it will take to do it.

We couldn't give them an accurate timeframe because it was the first 3-D film we made and we didn't know what we were going to face," he said. "We were just sure it would take longer than a film.

That''s why I only used newcomers to the picture to have patience and to give the picture time," he said. Tin Maung Win said the video was like trying a new production because it was their first ever 3-D video.

Prior to Studio 35 Plus, which made Pinlae Htet Kah Nay Wun Ni (Red Sun above the Sea), which won five Myanmar Academy Awards in 2010, it purchased two Canon 3-D lasers from abroad and learnt movie technology from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

The director Kyi Phyu Shin said she was "very happy" to learn that a 3-D film is being shot in Myanmar. "When we opened 3-D theaters here, nothing changed for us performers, because we had no gear to make 3-D movies. That' s why I was pleased to learn that[Studio 35 Plus] purchased the camera and is planning to let it out in the future," she said.

The launch of 3-D camera in Myanmar was a good moment for the country's cinemas. "Now, the goverment allows us to make terrible movies, and it will be awesome to see these movies in 3-D because they can be more scary for the public than if they were shot normally," Kyi Phyu Shin said.

While she said she had no immediate intention of making her own 3-D film, she was curious to see how Thoun Nyah Eeyq Lei Yeq would develop. It' s a new road they're taking in Myanmar, so I'm interested in the result," she said. There has been an increase in interest in Myanmar in 3-D movies since the opening of the 3-D theaters in Yangon in April, such as Taw Win Center, Junction Square and Dagon Center 2.

Aung Myo, Taw Win Centre Assistent Managers, said the best choice for "combat and adventures " was choosing it.

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