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Burma is not ready for the return of Rohingya, says the Red Cross chief. Economic leaders have welcomed an open admission by Councillor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her senior ministers that Myanmar's economy has grown slowly in the first six months of their government. Myanmar Trade Latest news, pictures, videos and special reports from The Economic Times. The government's lack of focus on the economy has unsatisfied investors. Will Myanmar be able to solve its social and political problems?

The Myanmar economy - GDP, rate of interest, CPI and infrastructure costs

Myanmar's production industry was in good health until May. In May, PMI was supported by high production and order increases despite a year-on-year high. In order to promote investments abroad, the new company code will enter into force on 1 August, which allows for the acquisition by non-German enterprises of up to 35% of the shares in them.

In 2017, FDI inward flows accounted for more than a fourth of capital formation, increasing by 45% compared to the previous year. The opening of the retailing and wholesaling sectors to international businesses at the beginning of May will be followed. A robust increase in consumer and government spending should boost the German economy this year. But slowing down the pace of restructuring, fluctuations in raw material prices and a fragile bank system entail downward risk.

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Analysis of Myanmar Economic and Foreign Investment

Myanmar is strategically located at the intersection of India, China and Thailand and continues to be one of the most rapidly expanding Southeast Asian countries. Higher investments in imports and sales capacities should help Myanmar meet its increasing demand for LPG, with the Chinese authorities seeking to promote the use of the oil as part of their plan to channel power into M&E.

Favorable climatic patterns and increased yield have contributed to Myanmar's agriculture industry returning to expansion, a tendency that is likely to be backed by governments' attempts to use advanced cultivation practices to guarantee long-term sustainability. Increasing incomes of Myanmar's fast-growing urban centre are transforming the composition of domestic retailing and boosting the need for good-value goods and land.

With Myanmar's democratic transformation, it was not the only sector that flourished. After decade-long restriction of national freedom of movement, the locals are now largely free to discover the area. It has enabled native visitors to go to previously enclosed areas to see the families and sanctify the pilgrims.....

How do you see the prospects for internal travel with rising incomes and higher standard of live?

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