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Analysis of the market, investment prospects, companies, industries, political news and more. China and Myanmar have been very active in recent weeks. Latest news and insights about Myanmar from Austrade. What is your assessment of the current situation regarding EU investment in Myanmar? The latest project in Muse is good news for investors.

The Myanmar Times

av _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm.push(["1512023572", "InPage", "1512024292", "InPage_1512024292"]); var _abdm = _abdm |||| [];_abdm. Japan's biggest parcel carrier has established a USD 500,000 JV in Myanmar to focus on Thai parcel services..... Victoria Kwakwa, Vice-President of the WB for East Asia and the Pacific, will be visiting Myanmar from 8 to 10 July.....

Myanmar's livelihood indices have been improving over the past ten years, but there has been improvement in the areas of literacy, health,..... Significant changes are revealed in a common document by the Central Statistical Organization, the UNDP and the World Bank..... The recent appreciation of the US currency against Myanmar is worrying domestic merchants importing goods.....

Burma recognizes Hong Kong's "special role" as a "super-connector" of the Belt and Road Initiative, a government..... The Myanmar Times, the Myanmar Times, has announced that the.....

Burma has recently revised its Government Investments Committee and will soon implement new company legislation to encourage FDI.

Burma has recently revised its Government Investments Committee and will soon implement a new company code to encourage FDI. Myanmar's new Myanmar Investments Committee has been reorganised with 13 members and the minister as chairperson in the government office of U Thaung Tun. Together with the entry into force of Burma's new company code, the European Union called on all Burmese businesses to re-register within six month of the entry into force of the Act on August 1.

This step, which partially aims to attract FDI, will enable businesses to take advantage of Burma's new company law, which has eliminated the mandatory system of submission of authorised capitals and the requirements of a partnership agreement and a previously required partnership agreement. Frutino - a top-quality fruity product - is the unchallenged leading producer on the domestic consumer beverage supermarket in the Maynmar region.

Made in Europe with the highest grade ingredients and reasonable prices, Frutino has won the heart of the locals who seek to produce top of the range wines and improve their lifestyles. Please consult the authorized Maha Worldbridge Mynamar F&B Co.,Ltd. dealer and dealer for sales throughout the country. It is Bloomberg's first big breakthrough into Myanmar's audio-visual environment with its partnership with pay-TV broadcaster Skynet.

As part of the agreement, Bloomberg Skynet will make available information, materials, employee trainings and contents that will be localized into the respective national languages. Selected programs from Bloomberg's worldwide Skynet subscriber database are also compiled and captioned in Myanmar. "We are pleased to be working with a major broadcasting service such as Skynet to create funding expertise in a rapidly growing market," said Dan Molloy, Commercial Director for Asia Pacific, Bloomberg Media Group.

"Now that the land is still opening up to international investment.....

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