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Myanmar's proposed Rakhine Commission latest shame

The Myanmar administration on Thursday called for the establishment of an "independent investigative commission" to examine "the violations of fundamental freedoms and related matters following the acts of terrorism" by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA). Rohingya's people, who first appeared in October 2016, had assaulted more than two tens of policemen and a base in August 2017 in the north of Rakhine State.

No wonder the administration didn't tell us how they reacted to the attacks: The Myanmar armed force conducted a ethnic clean-up of Rohingya from the Muslim people, murdering, violating and plundering several hundred communities. Around 700,000 Rohingya escaped to neighbouring Bangladesh. In addition, the administration has failed to point out that there is already an impartial inquiry.

In the past year, the United Nations Council on Universal Declaration of Human Rights established a fact-finding missions to investigate allegations of abuse by Myanmar's military personnel and other military groups. However, instead of supporting the fact-finding missions, the United Nations banned her from traveling with the UN-appointed Myanmar MYH. There is no doubt that the administration will try to divest the new investigation on the assumption that one of the three commissars will be an "international personality" and that the assistance of internationally recognised judicial and technological specialists will be provided.

However, we have done this before, with the Aung San Suu Kyi-led administration in the driver's seat. Aung San Suu Kyi is in the driver's seat. Aung San Suu Kyi is in the driver's seat. A Myanmar NCCR in 2017 dismissed the results of the UN on "very likely" human ity violations against the Rohingya in 2016. The Myanmar Army's inquiry into the 2016 incidents revealed only two small allegations, one of them a motorcycle thief.

Secondly, under the leadership of the same general of the armed forces, there were no fatalities of guiltless men during the 2017 war. Indeed, it was only after two Reuters reporters had discovered the carnage of 10 Rohingya men that the armed forces blamed all of them.

Myanmar's new proposal for an impartial investigative committee is not only insufficient, but an effort to retard and distract genuine fairness. Myanmar should be referred to the International Criminal Court as a matter of urgency by the UN Security Council.

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