Myanmar Laos Border

The Myanmar Laos Border

Hi, I looked everywhere online and I can't find a new update about the open border between Myanmar and Laos. But it seems to be very expensive to fly from Myanmar to Laos. Notice the characteristics of the population, which shares a border with Laos and is still underused by tourism. You can travel from Thailand overland to Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia. Cambodia - Thailand - Laos - Vietnam - Malaysia - Myanmar border crossings.


During our journey (February 2017) it was not possible to cross the border directly from Myanmar to Laos. Take a flight to Myanmar Tachileik International Airfield. From Heho International Heho International Heho International Airports (as we were in Inle Lake) you can buy cheaper skyscanners on-line (Skyscanner or Mumondo pages are great for offers).

Currently, it is the only airfield that a tourist can travel to because the authorities do not classify it as such. If you are coming from Tachileik International Tachilek International Airports, take a 15-minute tuk-tuk to the Tachileik (Myanmar)-Mae Sai (Thailand) border. I would recommend leaving the aiport to pick you up and meet other passengers on the air.

There were 6 of us on our way to the border and we got a tuk-tuk for 20,000 kyats (other bloggers said it shouldn't be more than 3500 kyats each). At the border, fill in the form (handed to you at the counter) and have your Myanmar ID-certificate.

Border closes at 8:00 p.m. and the trial shouldn't be long. Cross the viaduct until you reach the Thai side of the border, fill in their form and get your visas at the counters. You will receive a free Thai passport upon arrival). As soon as you get out from the other side, look for a local 15 metre Tuk-Tuk-Tuk truck - it should take about 15s.

You will find cash machines and bureaux de change when you get there, so don't worry if you're out of Buh. Coming to the stop, take a coach to Chiang Rai and from there to Chiang Khong (where the border to Laos is). As we arrived belatedly, there were unfortunately no busses, so that we 6 succeeded in haggling a cab for 200 bahts each to Chiang Rai.

The next day we took the next day about 11am (65 Bahts each) by coach to Chiang Khong. Upon arrival in Chiang Khong, you will receive a tuk-tuk for 100 Bahts each (fixed price) to the border between Thailand and Laos. Once you reach the border, go back through Thailand custom and then board a compulsory coach to pass the border (cannot walk).

It' gonna take you about 30 bahts apiece, so make sure you have some spare cash. You can also choose to buy in US Dollar (but the currency quote is usually worse). If you arrive at the Lao border, complete the form (bring your own pen!) and make sure you have $35 for the permit (check your country's rules before you leave - UK is $35 per capita on arrival).

Coming from there you reach the center of Huay Xai (about 20 minutes drive). They can get Kip locally there (they have an interchange office) or alternative some of the riders accepts Burt or Dollar. Awareness of the foreign rates, because sometimes they tear you off.

Again, I'd recommend putting a group together to get the tuk-tuk. BACKPACK TOURISTS WITH ACCESS TO THE AIRPORT LOUNGE?

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