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Search and read content in Myanmar. BBC has also expanded the reach of its Burmese language edition in Myanmar. Complete coverage of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Work of Kachin to preserve the language in Myanmar. Some news from and about Burma.

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It will enhance the creation of added value in agriculture by enhancing watering and enhancing the value chain in three areas of Myanmar's key arid area. The programme will help the Magway and Sagaing Shwebo Distrikt and the Meiktila and Yamethin Distrikt of the Mandalay Province to develop rural value creation chain and modernise watering schemes over a seven-year phase .

Renovation and modernisation of the watering system will comprise some 20,000 ha and serve around 24,000 people.

The BBC - BBC canal launches in Myanmar

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China BEIJING thinks Myanmar is now prepared to take back several hundred thousand Rohingya Muslims who have sought refuge in Bangladesh and escaped the former Burma violent situation, the top foreign official of the China administration said to his counterpart in Bangladesh on Friday. The United Nations and the Bangladesh authorities have begun to officially register several hundred thousand Rohingya escapees who have escaped defeat by Myanmar militaries.

The Cambodian National Electoral Committee (NEC) said on Wednesday that 50,000 monitors, some from China, Myanmar and Singapore, will observe a parliamentary elections next months, which is generally seen as a slippery slope for Prime Minister Hun Sen after the dissolution of the major political group of the government last year.

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